VB.net to MsAccess Listview (Insert, Update, Delete, Refresh and Search) No Autonumber datatype

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In this program you will learn on how to:

*Insert and Update with catch duplicate entry (EmployeeID) without using autonumber datatype...

*Delete multiple record by pressing Ctrl + Click...

*Pop-Up Refreshing with setting...

*Pop-Up Searching with setting...

Please don't forget to leave a comment >(^_^)<
hope this code will help you...

Godbless you all mga kababayan...

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.sir pwede po bng patulong f panu magjoin ang dalawang tble at idisplay sa listview gamit ang ms access?

I downloaded it but I didn't see anything.Can you suggest what i should do to see the file and learn from the tutorial

extract it using unzip or winrar

S0rry for that sir,,, try to rename in short filename and extract it using winrar or unzip..

pa turo naman po kung paano magdagdag ng mga info at mag work pa din ang system?
pls bro need lang po tlga salamat ng madami!


sir may error p0h b? "Unrecognized database f0rmat p0h b? kung gan0n p0h ung lumalabas na err0r palitan na lang p0h ng f0rmat ng access 2003 or 2007, 2010 p0h kc ung ginamit k0h jan w0rking dn p0h sir kahit 2003 or 2007

Hi Sir

that i am using visual basic 2010.
back end access 2003/2007/2010

i want vb.net 2010 code to solve the problem.

Can Any One help me please.

i have a table 1 with
Rollno Name class Demand Consesion Amtpaid Due
1 sreedhar ba 1000 0 0 0
2 ramesh ba 1000 0 0 0

table 3
Rollno Name class Amtpaid date
1 sreedhar ba 200 01-01-13
2 ramesh ba 300 01-01-13
1 sreedhar ba 200 05-01-13
2 ramesh ba 300 05-01-13
1 sreedhar ba 200 01-01-13
2 ramesh ba 300 01-01-13

Here is the problem:

I want to update table 1 field Amtpaid with sum of Amtpaid in table 2.

what is the update code

please any body can help

thanks in advance.

Dhaipule Sreedhara Rao Bunny

i dont know sir i make like your program but i didnt see file on the date in my listview how come may i ask u YM sir? helme :D

For Column Date = DataType is TEXT

How do I generate Auto numbers from my database to the text box field of the ID for the next record?

Sir on MsAccess look for the first field of the database, you need to change datatype like text into autonumber to Auto generate it like this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

harvey harvz

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