Vue js

Live Search using PHP and Vue.JS Tutorial


In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Live Search using PHP Language, Vue.js, and Fetch API. The tutorial aims to provide a reference to the IT/CS Students and new programmers on how they can implement a live searching feature on their PHP Projects. The Live Search allows the end-users to search the data that matches or column data containing the searched term and update the data on the client side without leaving or reloading the page.

Simple CRUD with CodeIgniter and Vue.JS with Source Code

Developing a web application is not as easy as you think to reach the client/user expectations. By using some libraries and frameworks, will help developers a lot to ease their work on developing a project. And by that, I have created a simple web application in PHP with JavaScript with the use of CodeIgniter Framework and Vue.js. CodeIgniter is a PHP framework that is built for developers to ease