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Simple File Manager Web App using PHP and MySQL Database Free Source Code

In this article, I will be sharing with you a simple Web Application called File Manager Web App. This mini-project was developed using PHP and MySQL Database. The application is able to store/Upload, retrieve, download, and delete files. In this project source code, you will learn how to manage file uploads using PHP Language. I am sharing this source code because I think this will be useful for

File Uploads Using Ajax

This is a simple project on how to upload files using Ajax. This will upload the files without reloading the page. As you will see in the code, I created a new FormData object and append each file into it. This will pass the data as a request to the server. Hope this example will help you on your future projects.


Collapse these simple sourcecode enables you View the hidden content of a link without refreshing or loading the page. just link the bootstrap.css and bootstrap.js file and just copy the code. This is a simple but useful sourcecode hope you may like this thank you.

Ajax Delete

Hello guys this sourcecode is a simple delete system using php/mysql with ajax. The feature of this code is it provide popup window to inform you that you are about to delete one data. It also delete records without leaving and refreshing/loading the current page, hope this code will help you thank you