Simple Web Application

Site Bookmark App using JavaScript Free Source Code

Introduction This is a simple JavaScript Mini-Project entitled Site Bookmark Application. This is a web application that allows the end-users to easily store and retrieves the sites they wanted be bookmarked. It was developed using JavaScript, jQuery Library, and JS Local Storage API. It has a simple and pleasant user interface using the Bootstrap v5 Framework. It also consists of user-friendly

Company Visitor's Management System in Python using Django Free Source Code

Company Visitor's Management System using Django in Python This simple project is entitled Company Visitor's Management System. This is a web-based application developed in Python and Django Framework. The project's main goal is to provide an automated platform for Companies to record their daily visitor logs. It was developed with Bootstrap Framework and other libraries for the user interface to

Simple Budget App in JavaScript Free Source Code

Introduction This is a mini-project called Simple Budget Application. This is a very simple web-based application that manages the user budget and expenses. The application was developed using JavaScript. It uses the browser's local storage as the data storage. The application contains Create, Read, Update, and Delete Operations for expenses. This has a pleasant user interface using the Bootstrap

Online Marriage Registration System using PHP with Free Source Code

This is a small project is entitled Online Marriage Registration System. This is web-based online application software that provides an automated and online platform for registering marriage records. This application allows users to submit marriage information and the management will verify it. The backend source code was developed using PHP-Object Oriented Programming with a pleasant user

Handling Dynamic Data Fields using Database Vertical Table Design in PHP Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will tackle Handing Dynamic Data Fileds using Database Vertical Table Design. This idea is very useful for such web applications that handling multiple data. This will prevent multiple columns in your database table. Also, this will help you to store new data fields without making changes in your database table structure.