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Creating a Simple MVC Framework in PHP Tutorial


In this tutorial, I will teach you how to Create a Simple MVC Framework in PHP. The tutorial aims to provide you guys with a reference or guide to widen your knowledge and enhance your PHP programming capabilities by understanding and creating a simple MVC Framework. This is useful for you especially if you are planning to create wide broad scope of web applications. This will help you to learn to create your own MVC Framework for your own development and projects.

Laravel Framework - PHP

Laravel is one of the famous PHP Frameworks and is commonly used by developers to build their web application projects. This PHP Framework helps the developers to build their projects more effectively with more tools and resources. With this framework, you can develop your project tasks using the built-in syntax that are very helpful for the developers. This also gives the developer to achieve

CodeIgniter Framework - PHP

In this article, we will be discussing the CodeIgniter Framework. Here, you will have an idea of what is CodeIgniter and What are the benefits of using this framework, and more. For those who are new to PHP Language and want to use a framework to work with to easily and effectively create or develop a web application, you might find CodeIgniter Framework useful and helpful. What is CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter Tutorial

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is a PHP Framework and is lightweight compared to other framework. Its purpose is to help you code faster and teach you how to apply MVC (Model–View–Controller) architecture to separate code from design.

What are the advantages of CodeIgniter?

I can’t tell you all the advantages of using CodeIgniter but the following are most common features of using a framework.

CodeIgniter: Don't Reinvent the Wheel Use the Most Powerful PHP Framework

PHP programmers were always on the look out for the most powerful framework at their disposal, and CodeIgniter is one of the few PHP framework that meet the much-needed tools for programmers who are willing and eager to discover something that will enhance their programming skills. The CodeIgniter, a framework developed by EllisLab is one of the most powerful PHP framework built for PHP coders who