Free PHP Project

Online Pizza Ordering System in PHP Free Source Code

This is a PHP Project called Online Pizza Ordering System . It is a web-based application developed in PHP and MYSQL databases . The main purpose of this project is to provide Pizza Businesses with an online platform for their customer to order desired menus or pizzas that are available in their shop. It has a simple and pleasant user interface with the help of Bootstrap Framework for the designs

Judging Management System using PHP and MySQL Free Source Code

This project is entitled Judging Management System . It is a web-based application that was developed using PHP Language and MySQL Database . The application provides an online and automated judging system. I manage certain organizations' event contests. It has a pleasant user interface and consists of user-friendly features and functionalities. How does the Judging Management System work? The

Company's Recruitment Management System in PHP and SQLite Free Source Code

Introduction This is a PHP Project entitled Company's Recruitment Management System . This project is a web-based application that is a sort of job portal website for a certain company. This system provides the company's possible employees an online platform to explore the careers/employment vacancies of the company. It has a pleasant user interface and user-friendly functionalities I developed

Banking System using PHP Free Source Code

This is a Simple Banking System Project that I'd developed in PHP . The project manages the bank's clients' accounts and handles the basic transactions of the clients. The system has 2 types of users which are the Admin and Clients . The system allows the client to save the records of their Deposits , Withdraws, and Fund Transfers . About the Banking System This Simple Banking System web-based