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Snapchat Introduces "Snapkit" Platform

Undeniably, Snapchat is widely-used by a great number of people around the world most especially the teen generation. However, it seems that it was quite hard for the multimedia messaging giant to fully spread its wings and make a name away from Facebook. Many developers believe that it can actually do more and hook more and more people with some development.

4 Prominent Male Programmers Whose Contributions Are Extremely Significant

Programming is a very challenging thing to do. Most likely, it is not for people who are not patient enough to take on the same tasks several times just to figure out how something would work best or why it isn't exactly what it is. Although there are also females who ventured and became successful in the field of programming, most of those who take this field are males. There are at least four male programmers who have actually changed how the online world runs with their excellent contribution. 1.

Facebook Relies On Software In The List Of Trending News Feature

Facebook is undeniably a social media giant that has a lot of users around the world. Along with the great number of users is the great number of every-minute posts as well that fill the news feed. Truths be told that every minute, a lot of new posts would welcome the user in his feed - not just those of his FB friends but as well as the tagged posts in mutual friends. Aside from personal posts, there are companies who utilize the social media in doing their task - news reporting being one of it. Further, Facebook is a home of showbiz updates.

Facebook Update: New 'Ranking Signal' In Feed

Facebook is undeniably a social media giant after billions of people are using it. There are even people who fully rely to it when it comes to communication for as long you have a free data, you can enjoy its Messenger application. Other FB users have treated the social media as their diaries. It is where they take note of the important events in their lives may it be through a post containing short or long sentiments or just a picture of the event.

Facebook to Resurrect F8 Developer Conference After 3 Years

Facebook, the world's largest social networking site announced earlier that it is going to resurrect the F8 developer conference for the first time after three years. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg together with Parse co-founder Ilya Sukhar announced the upcoming F8 developer conference in a presentation at SxSW last Saturday, March 8, 2014. Ilya Sukhar is one of the founding members of Parse, a mobile apps platform which previously acquired by Facebook last April 2013.