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Content management system

Online News Portal using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

Project: Online News Portal using PHP/MySQLi About The Online News Portal is a simple PHP/MySQLi CMS (Content Management System) project for an online news article website. This system has 2 sides of the user interface which is one for the administrator user and one for the readers. The admin user manages all the data in the system and this includes the contents of the news. The news articles are

Simple CMS using PHP (News Portal)

Simple CMS (Content management System) using PHP/MySQL For beginner. This code will help you to understand the CMS and Data Retrieval Process using "ADMIN" login. The first page shows the data and for inserting new article and documents. You should log in with Admin Panel. It doesn't use SESSION variable. I will upload the final and complete source code with PHP session soon. Database name:KCC