Event Management System using PHP/MySQL with Source Code

Project: Event Management System using PHP/MySQL with Source Code About The Event Management System is a simple PHP/MySQL project that will help an event organizing company or business manage their client event details and market the client event also. This system market also the venue list of the event organizing company's selected possible venue for an event. This event management system allows

Art Gallery Management System using PHP/MySQL with Source Code

Project: Art Gallery Management System using PHP/MySQL About The Art Gallery Management System with Simple CMS website using PHP/MySQL is a simple project that will help a certain gallery to manage their paintings or sculptures in their business. The main purpose of this project is to help the art gallery business market their arts online using their own website. This system includes upcoming

Send SMS from Website

Class to send text messages from website to user's mobile number. It take mobile number and text message as input $SpringEdge->sendsms('9089XXXXXX', 'It is a text message'); Include Spring Edge sms class and create object of the class. Call the function sendsms with mobile number and text message. the class will call the sms gateway and send sms to user's mobile number. It can be also used for

Simple CMS using PHP (News Portal)

Simple CMS (Content management System) using PHP/MySQL For beginner. This code will help you to understand the CMS and Data Retrieval Process using "ADMIN" login. The first page shows the data and for inserting new article and documents. You should log in with Admin Panel. It doesn't use SESSION variable. I will upload the final and complete source code with PHP session soon. Database name:KCC

The Best Three Content Management System

In my previous post about Content Management System (CMS), I discuss the different features a CMS can offer. There are so many CMS that exist today and among them are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. If you are planning to build a website without any knowledge on programming especially on PHP and MySQL, these three CMS is the answer to your needs. WordPress is one of the best and widely used CMS now