Basic CRUD Operation in Profiling System in VB.NET with Source Code

In this project you will learn how to Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete, especially for beginners this is a good starting point and also you will learn how to properly dispose of connections correct usage of commands and parameters. This simple program operates in a single form application. The user interface contains the Profile Form Panel, Data Grid View that displays the list of students, and

How To Create a Builder in Visual Basic .NET

Introduction: Welcome to my tutorial on how to create a builder application in Visual Basic (VB.NET). What is a Builder? A builder application is an application which allows a user to select certain settings before generating a sub application (named a 'stub') which is uniquely created to the users settings entered within the builder. Theory: So for the theory of a builder application, we want to perform the following steps in order; Gain original source code of the original exe application. Get user settings through a CLI/GUI. Write the new

Basic Polling System in Python

Introduction: This tutorial is on how to create a simple, hardcoded polling system in Python. Hardcoded? Hardcoded is when something is coded directly in to the program, other terms include; hardcoding and hardcode. I would only recommend harcoding if the amount that needs to be hardcoded is very small (such as only a few options in this polling system). This is similar to the use of loops.

PHP/MySQLi Messaging System

Introduction: This tutorial will be going over a basic PHP messaging system between users. Pre-creation: First you will need a host for your PHP, either a web host or localhost is fine but you will need PHP and MySQL(i) capabilities. Also, this will not be covering creating users. Database: We are going to be storing all of the messages in a database named 'messagesTutorial', and in there a table named 'messages'. Let's create these now; Go to PHPMyAdmin and enter 'messagesTutorial' followed by pressing the 'create' button.

PHP Basic Syntax

Introduction: This tutorial will cover the basic syntax of PHP files. What is syntax? Syntax is defined as "the structure of statements in a computer language." and as such refers to the format of the given scripts. Importance of correct syntax Having correct syntax in any script is extremely important.

Pemrograman grafis dengan VB6 by Rizky Khafitsyah (Graphics programming with VB6 by Rizky Khafitsyah)

ini adalah sebuah source code vb6 untuk pemrograman grafis yang sangat sederhana. Dibuat khusus untuk dipelajari. Silahkan Anda kembangkan sendiri imajinasi anda ! This is a vb6 source code for programming the graphics are very simple. Created specifically for the study. Please develop your own imagination!

Memasukkan Gambar ke dalam Form (Insert an image into a form)

berikut ini adalah sebuah code yang berguna untuk mengambil atau memasukkan sebuah gambar atau image ke dalam form melalui Command button. Sebenarnya ini merupakan kode dasar saja. Dibuat khusus untuk dipelajari oleh pemula :) the following is a useful code to retrieve or insert a picture or image into a form via the Command button. Actually this is the Basic code only. Created specifically for