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How to Create a Mouse Auto Clicker in Visual Basic

Introduction: Welcome to my tutorial on how to create an Auto Mouse Clicker in Visual Basic. Steps of Creation: Step 1: First lets create a form with; numericupdown1 to contain the amount of times to click, label1 to show the user the numericupdown1 will contain the amount of times to simulate clicks and a button to start the process. Step 2: Now lets make some variables to allow us to simulate clicks.
  1. Public Const MOUSEEVENTF_LEFTDOWN = &H2


Introduction: This is the seventh part in my CSS Styling tutorials, in which I will be covering overflow. What is Overflow? Overflow is used in CSS to decide what to do with any content that is slightly to big or wide to fit in the dedicated space (overflowing...). Structure: overflow: {type}; Example:
  1. overflow: hidden;

Visual Basic Auto Update Script

Introduction: This tutorial is on how to create an auto update function for a program in Visual Basic. Notes: - You will need a website for the latest version to be hosted for download and checking. Or, for testing you can use localhost like I am (I'm using XAMPP). - If you're using a localhost, only people on your network can use this auto update function. Steps of Creation: Before we start we want to create a new form with one button for the update process to begin.