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Modern React with Redux Review

You can meet the demand of the modern web development industry with the help of a course – the Modern React with Redux course. Modern React with Redux is a course that sits comfortably at a 4.7 rating and has 24, 694 enrolled students. This course will enable you to master React and Redux. In this course, you will be taught how to build jaw-dropping single page applications with the help of React and Redux. This is a comprehensive course that will teach you web development in a step-by-step process to make sure you get every detail and can go along with the discussion. This course will teach you how to build React components by starting with the introduction and mastering of React’s fundamentals. Props, JSX, and state are part of the fundamentals that will be taught to you in the course. You will also be taught how to clean up the code of your JavaScript and as well as how to utilize the custom mark-up language of React. Furthermore, this course will also teach you how to structure applications using Redux. Actions, reducer, and state tree topics would be discussed. There are concepts in structuring Redux applications and this course will make sure that you get to master them. Behind this course which only requires a Mac aside from the purchase of Modern React with Redux is an engineering architect, Stephen Grider, who has been the man behind the top firms’ complex JavaScript front ends in San Francisco.

What Others Say About This Course

Highly recommended for starting out ReactJS. If you have prior JavaScript knowledge its helpful but the plain vanilla JavaScript used in his examples are straight forward and simple to follow. So anybody with a _bit_ JavaScript knowledge can follow his course. Pro: His voice is clear and the videos are full hd. Both perfect quality. Pro: Using Google Api and other Open APIs Pro: Nice examples
- Rene Wenz
I'm getting a half way through this course. Stephen explains very well with overall project diagrams for his example projects and code works fine. He responded my question very quick. One suggestion is that it'd be better if there's a solution in his git so that I can refer to it when I make a mistake. Javascript language itself hard to track down a bug. I had to do over several times from the initial code to catch that. Overall, I recommend this course for anyone interested in learning React with Redux
- Steven Jin
This course gives you a solid basis on React apps with Redux, while sticking to proper conventions, so that you can learn how to use the libraries appropriately. Highly recommended for any newcomers to the React ecosystem, since the materials and examples are clear and on-point. I was also impressed by how well the instructor managed to explain a good amount of real-life usage cases of these libraries in production, and how to avoid some nasty bugs errors, so that we can deploy apps like these properly.
- Filip Filipov


You can avail the [node:field_discount] discount of this course if you will purchase this as of the writing and just pay only $15 instead of the original price which is $180.