Log In System Version 1.0

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Hi there about this code I called it Log In System Version 1.0 it is a database driven web application that I wrote using PHP/MySQL. I will protect the website from intruder and allows to register new members in the website. I hope you find my work useful and many ways.

If you find my work useful send me an email at [email protected] You can text me at 09993969756 people here in the Philippines for questions or comments about my code.

Thank you very much and Happy Programming.


Mr. Jake Rodriguez Pomperada, MAED - Instructional Technology
Web Developer, Programmer, Teacher, Computer and Electronics Technician

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sir can you help me about E-learning? what are the softwares that are needed in E-learning? if its ok if you have simple programs that pertaining to e-learning so that i can study because that is my choice in doing thesis! [email protected] is my email account. thank you very much.

Sir I need hostel management script.if you have that script can u pls mail me
[email protected]



i need the administrator pages of a hostel management system using php language ..

can u pls help me ....

my mail id is [email protected]

hello po
Benjie po 2 from pangasinan
sir pahelp nmn po sample code nga po ng admin and user authentication s login using 1 for..dbase structure nga rin po need po kc nmi s friday ty po.....
here is my email po [email protected]

im along time php linux developer. i downloaded apache and php's windows installs and installed them. My php files dont run. Someone shed some light from windows http server to php configs. Im developing a time-crucial web that the cliwnt wants on an http server. thank u 4 saving my lyf

sir im mark chlristian vasquez

im from daet, camarines norte..
just to ask questions....
regarding to the use of comma separated characters or values

here is my email add
[email protected]

sir i dont hve any knowledge sa php..ayus bag gamitin yung WAMP?

can u help me with my thesis...our program are using a php..plss..its all about student and attendace monitoring sysytem..cge na po

.........ivy g....

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