Friendster like php script

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This is a simple friendster like script for school project purposes

Uses PHP and Mysql as database

Beginner's can easily track this code. ",)

You can also work with this on your computer just DL
easyphp or install apache pack with mysql

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Hi theres something wrong in your system can you fix it pls. . . .
if you edit the profile of the user all the profile changed exept the user ID . . . .

pls send me the code for hostel info system using vb 6.0
2 this id [email protected]

can u pls send me the code for hostel info system using vb 6.0

can you upload a php scripts with uploading ebooks file and preview and download it

can you upload a php scripts with uploading ebooks file and preview and download it

Anyone there knows how to create a modern friendster layout, to detect, pornographics pictures, in a friendster users. To be sure that the owner of hi/her friendster may prevent the user from adding that other friendster user.

just add my friendster;

[email protected]

Hi.. I really need some Codes For My Enrollment System, i dont know how i get into this stuffs but im sure im not gonna make it without ur help.. its all in php codessssss.. please??? please?? heres my email add.. [email protected]

how to download asp project for refresh

can you teach me how to do hotel reservation in PHP

Sorry but I can't help you. I don't have much time on this.

It would be nice if you include images.
Uploading for example.
Do you have the codes? ?
Just dropping by

hmmmm pa help nlang kung pano econnect yung HTML form sa Access

cge na nid lang talaga salamat.

kahit basic tutorial lang yung madaling maintindhan ok salamat.

look in

xenxa na sa pag mamadali, , , patapos na kc aQ d2 sa OJT and i want 2 finish my job, , hehehe ala lang thnc 4 the reply ^_^

elow pho w8ting for the code. . . .

Sorry for waiting. I will upload the code one of these days.

ang galing mo namn po
instructor na po ba kayo?? or student?? or working na?? turuan naman gumawa ng isang simpleng simpleng system na may dfd(data flow diagram) requiremets lang para makagrad :) ehe

[email protected] po email address ko....
ung mga basic or kahit clue po ehhehe student record management system po kasi ang balak ko using java or PHP....

any one can tech me on how the form is sending via e-mail without databse using php anyone help me to my online enrollment form thnx

Search for mail() in

I have a code for this. I will upload it sooner.

my email add

[email protected]

thnx you sir


how are you?what are you doing this time?

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