Members Information System using PHP Data Object (PDO)

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In this members information system you will learn how to make use of PHP data objects (PDO). PDO provide methods for prepared statements and working with objects that will make you far more productive and easy to understand code. In this system you will learn how execute add, edit , delete function in PDO . This system is good for beginners who want to learn PDO. And also in this system I have here some AJAX function, and also lots of JQUERY plugins that are useful for your future projects too. This system also has responsive design and user friendly graphical user interface.

Hope that this system may help thus beginner programmer in their projects.

Thank You

database on db folder nochp.sql

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hi jkev, i really like your project however i am having trouble inserting and displaying an image. hope you can help me with this. Thanks a lot.

That Great work,
please i need correct user name and password (admin, admin) didn't valid.
my email; [email protected]..

sir your user and pass dent to our email plzzzzzzz kababayan naman [email protected]


Where can i found the script if there is empty column for mandatory field in registration members form? Lets say i missed out the form and click submit button, it will be appeared java script to inform user to fill up the column. So where are park that script?

Login Problem here...uname: admin pass: not a valid username and password...what can i do...thank you:)

more then 400 entrys(members) , and the code crashing --- Loop loading ---

what can i do?

makasih source code nya..

Respected sir and thank you so much for sharing this nice source code and desinging.
sir i would like to tell you that, your both new project not protecting the back end data base from the SQL Injection attack like i have been enter the this command and i got access as administrator..
'' OR 1=1 #'
which show the security problem.. you try it and how to secure this problem, if you suggest it then it will be fine..thank you so much for your knowledge sharing..

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