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This is simple school website with content management system(CMS) facilities. This application is developed using php & mysql. In CMS section we have the following functions.
1. Manage the contents of website
2. Manage the photo gallery
3. Manage the download lists
4. Manage the feedback from users and many more

This is demo website to understand the CMS facilites for the beginner PHP programmer. This website is successfully working at URL

Please comment on this for further queries


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please in the souce code for serudoya school which code am i suppose to import into the me at [email protected]

man your code is good but we the developers must learn that most of these systems are not used by our likes but the general populations so i think we should start by detailing the most vital points

i love this source code

Nice code and we look forward for more

How do I comment when I haven't seen anything yet?

your code is really good and working

sir your code is working fine..but i donot know how to run admin panel...

Arun Kumar Upadhyay

how to confiqure in my pc this php project
can u guide me.
where i install php with database can u solve this

I am jayakumar Web & Desktop Developer Developer.I Wish to join here and improve my knowledge.If u need project and Source code
send me mail me : [email protected]

please send me compleate code school site
my email id [email protected]

I find this cool

Nice work,, thats aulsome,,, very interested

can i test your system? what is the name of your database?


there is no index page so the app is not working

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