Facebook Notification Clone Script Using PHP/MySQL and Jquery

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This code will teach you on how to create a facebook alike message notification with dropdown using php/mysql and jquery. the feature of this system are, it give alert how many message you need to read, It provide dropdown list of message, it provides view all message link so that you can read all both read and unread messages. Download this code to try and if you have a question or any, just leave comment so that i will know and ican correct if you find some error, happy coding and good luck.

database name: labs

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send source code pleas
[email protected]

look like beautiful for us

thanks for that. its amazing

Hello can you please send me a copy of the code and the db files.

My email id is [email protected]

Can you send the database file.
Its very urgent please send me on [email protected]


Can you send the database file. Thanks.
[email protected]

Please provide the source code download link.

Please provide the source code download link. No where I found it in this page.

Please provide me with a database so that i can understand the code better
email me please @ [email protected]

thanks in advance..

pliz help me with the db file(sql), i really nid 2 implement on my upcoming project [email protected]

best article man.... good

Please provide me with a database so that i can understand the code better
email me please @ [email protected]

thanks in advance..

Its ok but it doesnt make live notification..if u add a record in db,you need to refresh the page,it doesnt fetch automaticly from db..

Please send me all the important details and db file. it help me to understand .. super thanks :)

uhmmm can i have the db file.? i am really new to php..plsss..
thank you so much
my mail:[email protected]

plz mail b DB file ......
it ill help me lot to understand ..... i m new in php
so plz do mail b the Data base file on
[email protected]

i found 2 problems with this code :-P.shouldn't it auto update the status column in DB when you click on the Specific Message .
It should be on auto chk for New Messages

nice work!

but css style is not working in IE browser.
and how can i zero out notification count if I clicked the notification?

Heyy can you give me a .sql file of your "labs" database.
I need that urgently. Please help me
[email protected]

use the setInterval() and check for new data periodically. wer to use dis function

hello friend,

thanks for this code, bt i have one question. where should i put setInterval() in this code to update comment table value without refresh/reload the page?

argee, i need to notify if the comment or unread message please help example once new message they notify have a new message. and hide old message.

Nice articlw

ya baby

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