Facebook Wall Clone Script Using PHP/MySQL

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This code will teach you on how to create a facebook alike wall post using php/mysql and ajax. the feature of this code are it allows you to post status, allow to post comment in a certain status, facebook like collapsible comments, while clicking View all Comments link it displays all the existing comments. Download and try this code, leave comment if you have a question on this code.

database name: labs

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very nice man but if I want to delete post or comment there is no button or click in your code
can you plz show me how to do that , thank you already ;)

This script is just the key ingredient for my project , so simple and easy to mod , i did it in less than an hour .
Thank for this post

Hm ok.. but how to connect with the Facebook-Fanpage?

Plz tell complete facebook wall source.

thnx man you did a great job...it helps me alot.....please send me "how to upload images on facebook" in php using database...
email: [email protected]

Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in C:\xampp\htdocs\13\index.php on line 114

I was stuck in this module for 3 days. But as soon as I got this code the problem is solved. What have you done is very basic and simple but very strong and useful code that we can customize easily. Thank you!!!


Hi, I love this script and using it too. There is another great script on wallscriptclone.com Its a demo. thanks admin for giving us such nice script free.

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