School ERP System v4.0 (Premium Edition)

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This Project written in VB.NET as front end and SQL Server 2008 r2 as Back end.
Main Features are:

  1. Organisation :
    1. School Type
    2. School Info(Multiple Schools Support)
    3. Hostel Info
    4. Bus Info
    5. Session
    6. Location
    7. Fee Master
    8. Class Fee Entry
    9. Hostel and Bus Installment Setting
    10. Discount Setting
  2. Students:
    1. Class Type Master
    2. Class Master
    3. Section/Stream Master
    4. Documents Master
    5. Student Entry
    6. Attendance
    7. Hostelers Entry
    8. Bus Holders
    9. Class Promotion
    10. Inactive Entry
  3. Library:
    1. Books Entry
    2. Journals and Magazines
    3. News Paper
    4. Book Issue
    5. Book Return
    6. Book Reservation
    7. Quotation
    8. Fine Setting
    9. Others Setting
  4. Exam :
    1. Exam Type Master
    2. Subject Master
    3. Exams Entry
    4. Mark sheet Module
    5. Mark sheet ledger
  5. Accounting :
    1. Voucher
    2. General Daybook
    3. General Ledger
    4. Trial Balance
  6. Payroll and Human Resource :
    1. Employee Registration
    2. Attendance
    3. Payroll Advance
    4. Payroll
  7. Transaction
    1. Salary Payment
    2. Class Fees Payment
    3. Bus Fees Payment
    4. Hostel Fees Payment
    5. Voucher
  8. Transportation Management
  9. Class Fees Payment Receipt
  10. Hostel Fees Payment Receipt
  11. Bus Fees Payment Receipt
  12. Salary slip
  13. Student Report Card
  14. Utilities
    1. Registration
    2. Change Password
    3. Password Recovery
    4. SMS Setting
    5. Email Setting
  15. Advance Records Searching
  16. Advance Reports
  17. System Logs,Database backup and restore, support multiple schools
  18. No dues doc and students card submission

Please don't forget to give credit to original developer because I really worked hard to develop this project and please don't forget to like and share it if you found it useful :)

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Does it support school fees payment in installment

Thank you very much..really great work

Excellent project
My sincere applause

I'm new to
And I say that this project has been a teacher for me!

but what I would like to learn more about is the two missing forms!
SMS Setting
Email Setting

Great and excellent project, I'm learning a lot from him!


This project does not have the following forms
SMS Setting
Email Setting

I really want to learn the features of the missing forms!
SMS Setting
Email Setting

database not found! Where database ....Mdf

check bin/debug folder for bak file or sql script

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Thanks for sharing this code and this wroking , great work, can you please say me how can i manage multiple school with network?


Most of his codes are not working. He uses this site to advertise and promote his business.

Ya bro..I think as well..Mr.Raj Sharma is very clever man he skips some file within all projects intentionally.

I think it wont work. many of his codes are not working becouse of mising (intentionally) files

ofcourse he skip some of the files intentionally.. None of the code of this devloper works.. Properly..

any file is not missing...install dev express components thanks....

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