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Bank Book, Cheques, Reconciliation, Over Draft, Bank Balance,

A very useful application in Access for Bank Book and Cheque Book management, reconciliation, Over Draft and Balance checking, with Address Book, Rtgs forms, pending cheque List etc. etc. ******* NEW RELEASE ******* BASIC CHANGES Opening Balance to be in Chq Table certain accounts to be created with code as 1,2,3,4 1- CANCELLED 2- BANK CHARGES 3- BANK INTEREST 4- SUSPENSE LEDGER ==================

Access RTGS, NEFT Bank forms, multiple company, Address Book

Access application for RTGS, NEFT Bank forms for Fund transfer from multiple company and different Banks as many as you want... === NEW =========== A simple application for preparing the Bank forms to submit for RTGS / NEFT fund transfer. You will have a copy of the transactions with you, besides easy preparation for fund transfer application. New release, very useful for practically for Indian

Cost Control Systems, calculate the cost of every products you manufacture.

Cost Control Systems, input all purchase bills and their related cost by giving answer to each question. Then similarly input all the component to goes in for the manufacturing and their expenses. Control your purchase and cost of products.By preparing the actual cost of each product. all your comments to: [email protected]

Access, PayRoll Application for Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Pay scales,flexible

Microsoft Access payroll application for Hourly calcualtions, Daily, Monthly pay scales. Duty, Overtime rate based attendance marking and calculations. Very simple and highly flexible payroll for all most every needs. Many reports and transfer to Excel options. Cash payment list, Bank transfer List, Department wise list, Advance transfer List etc are available. Very good for practical environments