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Hi there thank you for visiting this site. About this code I called it ABC Video Rentals System written in MS Access . It is a simple applications that will solve common problems in video rentals in their day to day transactions.

If you find my work useful send me an email at

[email protected]

. People here in the Philippines that would like to contact me can reach in my mobile phone number 09296768375 and my telephone number at home +63 (034) 4335081 . Thank you very much and Happy Programming.


Mr. Jake Rodriguez Pomperada, MAED-Instructional Technology
Programmer, Teacher, Computer Technician

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please send to me if you have another type of film or movie or video rental by c++ poject that can add film,delete and so on

it is an awesome system but how can we get the source code please?

 please send code p;ease

i need help about video rental system in object oriented programming plz sir reply

i need source code of movie rental system

sir, could you help me with my video rental system using the MySql SERVER

hi sir i really need ur assistance in making video rental system

I really need your assistance on a project concerning a video lending system.

plz.sent me the pawnshop system.i really need it in school.....this is my mail [email protected],god bless..

Hello Mr. Jaker,

Do you happen to have the source code in Java for rental video..
possible to upload in [email protected],
Thanks in advance!!

hi,, sir can i ask your help pls.. i have given a project from our instructor in programming, it is a video rental system and i dont know how to do it..pls help me.. thanx

hey ....plzzz sir can u send me the video rental store jsp & html coding...... mam has given me project n i dnt knw hw to do it...... sir plzzz mail me video rental coding... in jsp & html plzzzz..
my email it:- [email protected] or [email protected] ..
sir plzzz dnt forget i want it within 2 days..

good day..

we nid 2 create a program in visual basic language..nd it is all about video rental system

i need help for my video rental system in school.....
it is about c++

looking for tips

Thank you po sir

I CAN do all things through HIM who strengthens me - Philippians 4:13

i have downloade the code,i have an assignment about vido rentel system plese now?

please help me
about video rental system in c++ program

1. #include
2. #include
3. #include
4. using namespace std;
5. class Video
6. {
8. private:
9. string Title;
10. string Director;
11. int Year;
12. string Actors;
14. public:
15. Video(string title,string director,int year,string actors)
16. {
17. SetVideo(title,director,year,actors);
19. }
20. void SetVideo(string title,string director,int year,string actors)
21. {
22. Title=title;
23. Director=director;
24. Year=year;
25. Year=(year<=0 && year<2007) ? year:1900;
26. Actors=actors;
28. }
29. void GetVideo()
30. {
31. cout<>loop;
45. cout<>year;
59. cout<>option;
63. cin.get();
64. cout<>number;
131. while(number<0 && number>2)
132. {
133. cout<<"enter number of movies:";
134. cin>>number;
135. }
136. cout<

hey i have a c++ video rental system but i want you to exchange my program video rental system in vb6.0

pls i need by java code

Hi, i have downloaded the code, i have an assignment about dvd rental shop, as I see pretty much same... Except the genres. What if we need to add more than one tags to the catagory (genre)...

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