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Hi there thank you for visiting this site. About this code I called it ABC Video Rentals System written in MS Access . It is a simple applications that will solve common problems in video rentals in their day to day transactions.

If you find my work useful send me an email at

[email protected]

. People here in the Philippines that would like to contact me can reach in my mobile phone number 09296768375 and my telephone number at home +63 (034) 4335081 . Thank you very much and Happy Programming.


Mr. Jake Rodriguez Pomperada, MAED-Instructional Technology
Programmer, Teacher, Computer Technician

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Hi, i have downloaded the code, i have an assignment about dvd rental shop, as I see pretty much same... Except the genres. What if we need to add more than one tags to the catagory (genre)...

please help me
about video rental system in c++ program

hey i have a c++ video rental system but i want you to exchange my program video rental system in vb6.0

pls i need by java code

1. #include
2. #include
3. #include
4. using namespace std;
5. class Video
6. {
8. private:
9. string Title;
10. string Director;
11. int Year;
12. string Actors;
14. public:
15. Video(string title,string director,int year,string actors)
16. {
17. SetVideo(title,director,year,actors);
19. }
20. void SetVideo(string title,string director,int year,string actors)
21. {
22. Title=title;
23. Director=director;
24. Year=year;
25. Year=(year<=0 && year<2007) ? year:1900;
26. Actors=actors;
28. }
29. void GetVideo()
30. {
31. cout<>loop;
45. cout<>year;
59. cout<>option;
63. cin.get();
64. cout<>number;
131. while(number<0 && number>2)
132. {
133. cout<<"enter number of movies:";
134. cin>>number;
135. }
136. cout<

i have downloade the code,i have an assignment about vido rentel system plese now?

Thank you po sir

I CAN do all things through HIM who strengthens me - Philippians 4:13

looking for tips

i need help for my video rental system in school.....
it is about c++

good day..

we nid 2 create a program in visual basic language..nd it is all about video rental system

hey ....plzzz sir can u send me the video rental store jsp & html coding...... mam has given me project n i dnt knw hw to do it...... sir plzzz mail me video rental coding... in jsp & html plzzzz..
my email it:- [email protected] or [email protected] ..
sir plzzz dnt forget i want it within 2 days..

hi,, sir can i ask your help pls.. i have given a project from our instructor in programming, it is a video rental system and i dont know how to do it..pls help me.. thanx

Hello Mr. Jaker,

Do you happen to have the source code in Java for rental video..
possible to upload in [email protected],
Thanks in advance!!

plz.sent me the pawnshop system.i really need it in school.....this is my mail [email protected],god bless..

I really need your assistance on a project concerning a video lending system.

hi sir i really need ur assistance in making video rental system

sir, could you help me with my video rental system using the MySql SERVER

i need source code of movie rental system

i need help about video rental system in object oriented programming plz sir reply

it is an awesome system but how can we get the source code please?

please send to me if you have another type of film or movie or video rental by c++ poject that can add film,delete and so on

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