Best thesis titles and systems for Information Technology student

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hello there!

I am an IT graduate and I am willing to help those Information Technology and Computer Science students who have a problem to think their thesis titles..

If you are an IT programmer or IT related please give a suggestions or a title for their thesis..

Please post your suggestions or titles here.

List of Thesis Title for IT Student


in a 4.1 student.and i need help.on my project.i need to develop a GIS based application.any1 to help m [email protected]


pa ingi titles for thesis.. softwares lang po ned ko.. language

Hi sir/ma'am,, I'm incoming 4th year students I cannot decide what is the best title in our thesis.. we need your help! we are not good in programming.. thankyou,, please response immediately .. :) :)

good eve sa in.u
pwde bang magpatulong, sino mayrong magandang title thesis or idea bayran nio namn ako para, wala pa kc ako nakahap.....

hi sir pa help naman uh. nahirapan kasi kami sa paqgawa ng system namin if uk lang.the title is online customer reservation and payment processing system..plzz...

hi po pwedi po ba mkahingi ng thesis title?? need ko po ng 3 titles im an IT student incoming 4th year this june.. plss help me po..

Guys can i ask help for a unique title cuz we really need it.

can some one give a good title of my thesis,,im studying (MIS) management information system

pwde nyo ba akong bigyan ng thesis title yung bago at simple lang gawin...

Hi po? Im a 3rd year CS student. I need po ng title na simple pero unique po.Not related sa facility ng school dami na po kasing thesis dun ee..PLEASE HELP PO..Thank you.

anu po kaya magandang e thesis sa ngayon

patulong naman po sa paggawa ng thesis

we need to know' what is the best title for my thesis?

hi,pwede po bang magsuggest kayo ng title ng capstone consisting of 20 words (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY)

pa help guys thesis title

hi IT/CS Students, if you have problem with your thesis titles, proposals or system development...I am willing to help you...using PHP/MySQL, VB.Net.

Just inquire me at my mobile#: 09352887840 or my email: [email protected]



MY EMAIL ADD=[email protected]

i need a title for "Kinect: Motion sensor and Voice Recognition
please help..

hinge po ako 3 title para aming title def.hinde kasi natanggap,. plssss .,.sir,.,.,.

pls help po ng title :)

hello good day!
I am an IT student 3rd yr pwede po ba patulong ng thesis title..ung unique kc pabalikbalik na lng po ung iba.kelangan po tlga.. atleast 3 titles please..thnx advance!

contact me @ 09102126570
[email protected]

hello po good day..pede pong mag pa help ng best title sa thesis sa system analysis..

sir ,ano po ba magandang thesis title IT students po ako< nahihirapan po kasi kme magconduct ng title, marame na po kme napasang title kaso lahat po yun meron ng nakagawa, any suggestion?

bkt puro tanong lng wala man lang suggestion ng magandang title sa thesis

Hi Guys,

I am System Analyst/Business Analyst, I am willing to help you guys.If you have any inquiries bout your thesis just e-mail me @ [email protected]. I can help you to do your Document proposals.

pa help po if ok lng...need ko po ng magandang title about sa document na ga2win nmin sa sytem analysis...

help nyo naman po ..need ko po ng title ng thesis pls help naman po ...information technology po course ko...sana may maawa haha pls add me at facebook [email protected] ...pls help me

puede neo poh kming 2lungan kung anu ung itatitle nmin sa thesis namin na mgagamitan ng software and hardware

we need your help for my thesis title.. unique title po need ko..

my email: [email protected]

im an I.T student_ need ko po 3 titles proposal....asap need na need ko na po sir...pls help namn po...


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