Best thesis titles and systems for Information Technology student

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hello there!

I am an IT graduate and I am willing to help those Information Technology and Computer Science students who have a problem to think their thesis titles..

If you are an IT programmer or IT related please give a suggestions or a title for their thesis..

Please post your suggestions or titles here.

List of Thesis Title for IT Student


good evening ,, may i ask everyone if who among you can suggest me a good topic in our capstone project?? we are about to propose a interactive mapping system and an online reservation system but sad to say we are rejected because some other group of students in our college have been developing such one.. any one of you can help me to have a new one topic??? it would be a good help for us.. thank you!! i am ann a BSIT student

what's your capstone project? do you still have the documents? if you do, can you email me .. [email protected] .. tnx .. reply ASAP ..


we have made a hardtime planning what will be our thesis content.. our thesis title was GROCERY STORE SALES AUTOMATION WITH BARCODING, one of our friends suggest that but the problem, we dont know what will be the contents of this, sad to say our friends travelled and he cant explained this further..

your help is valuable on our part.. please!!!!... you can contact us through my email-add [email protected]...

thank you so much and GOD BLESS!!!!

Greetings of Peace!!

Hi Im an information system graduating student and we have a thesis on this second semester.. any suggestion for the best thesis title??and the programming language to be used...??.. please help me on this,,, your help is very valauble on my part...
you can contact me through my email-add.. [email protected]

thank you so much.. GOD BLESS!!!

hi my friend can you help me regarding with my problem in choosing a title a for computer science thesis related... e-mail yur suggestion in [email protected] thnx

can you help me about my thesis title? pls email me im information technology student [email protected] thanks

can you help me make best title for thesis?
we are planning to develop sales inventory and monitoring system.
pls email me at: [email protected]
thank u

any suggestion of thesis title na connected bout computer science or information technology

these are the breakdown of thesis title under CS!
1.voice recognition
2.face recognition
3.word translator
4.noise detector

how much if I ask u to do of one of that...
and how much it cost...
email me... this is my email add. [email protected]

can you suggest any topic for my capstone project???
here's my eadd:
[email protected]..

Hi. Can you help me about our capstone project?
please give me some ideas for our title in our thesis.
here's my e-mail [email protected].

please help me, give me some title for my thesis..
thank you..
please send it to [email protected]

Pls give me a title to propose for my thesis..

.. programmer that can create a programm through PHP, VB 6.0, VB.NET C++, pero basta magaling sa and can support us in our thesis.. just contact us 09152993828 [email protected] thanks can help me in making my thesis a grading system...w/c can compute the brtakdown of grading system..
compute no of quizzes in averaging and percentage form
compute class standing include diff, factors lyk recitation,attendance,unit test, project in averaging and percentage form
generate report lyk consolidation of grades and grading sheet...
to all the person who can help me u can contact me in 09108324342 and email me in [email protected]..
super in nid po...sna mtulungan nyo aq...

ehm can you pls expand what do you mean in "HARDWARE INTERFACING THESIS"?

pls. . .

Can someone explain what INFORMATION KIOSK TERMINAL?

ok tnx men

Information Kiosk Terminal is a combination of software and hardware. It is a client-server system..

You need to develop a system that enables the user to view the informations created by the admin..

Best example of this are:

>> Personal Profile of the students, grades and assessment of fees
>> Informations about the college or campus like history and athers
>> etc.

=>> <<==

pwede po ba passist sa title? 09465013203 thx


medyo may kamahalan cguro yang system na yan no?
may nagawa ka na ba nyan?

do you have any other thesis title? ...we need 9 titles to present. please....something new or atleast theres something new feature from the existing one
09359822079 contact me thanks

Just shoot me an email here: [email protected]
or PM me in Facebook:

You can ask me anything about your thesis and I'll answer you once in a while.
Don't hesitate to ask me. Especially if it's about .NET

- Abram Limpin

good day sir.. i need a tittle for our thesis. it is the combination of Wen and LAN based.. i need your immediate respond. thank you very much sir...

can u giv me atleast 3 title for our thesis??????????

greetings! I'm just asking a system or a tittle of our thesis, help me sir, please.
Can you give me an easy to make sir, cuz i'm not really good in programming.
thank you sir.

need ko the best title for enrolment system..

guys,, try nyo e2ng mga titles :)

>> Information Kiosk Terminal
>> Ethernet Messenger
>> Vehicles Simulator
>> ID System
>> Sports Fest Electronic Scoreboard

hope magkaron kau ng idea sa mga titles na bgay ko..

=>> <<==


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