Best thesis titles and systems for Information Technology student

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hello there!

I am an IT graduate and I am willing to help those Information Technology and Computer Science students who have a problem to think their thesis titles..

If you are an IT programmer or IT related please give a suggestions or a title for their thesis..

Please post your suggestions or titles here.

List of Thesis Title for IT Student


please po i need thesis title software lang po or mobile appsb or systems... ung unique po ako nlang p walang title sa klase.. txt me if meron 09364335884

Hi guys, I am 4th yr College taking up BSIT. I just want to ask help about our Capstone Project. Can u suggest any project that is not so complicated to be done. Please :( u can send ur feedback at my email account. [email protected] .immediate response is highly appreciated. Thanks

hello po, ask lang po ako uf if paano gawing scanner ang camera nd pc,
balak ko po kasing gumwa ng School security login system woth DTR of teachers and staff po, but gagamit ako ng Cam ng pc instead of RFID dahil masyadong mahal..
[email protected] T.Y po XD

patulong po pwede po bang malaman kung ano yung source code ng mobile ordering system?

anong po maganda at unique na title for network based system pls suggest nmn po

sir pwede po ba pahelp po
3rd year IT student po aq at this august na po ang pasukan po nmin. Kailangan po namin ng kgrupo ko ng 3 thesis na ipoproposed po namin para po sa capstone po namin. Anu po bang magandang topic para ipang thesis. Please Help me po. Email nyo na lang po ako dito po sa email na'to

Gmail : [email protected]
Yahoo : [email protected]
or text me : 09999107065

please help us, regarding sa Capstone Project namin.. need po namin yong unique na thesis title.. plz reply salamat.. just send to my email account [email protected].. Salamat. :)

Hello Sir, goodevening. I need some suggested Proposal Title for my Incoming Thesis, atleast 5 titles whether its Online System, Website, Application in ANDROID and Combination of Hardware and Software.

PLEASE HELP ME SIR :( i need it before end of the June Month..
--- please contact me at this No. 09073563609.
Email: [email protected]
Thank you and God Bless

sir! i am a it student. i need your help what is the best title in our thesis. we are not good in programming. we need some title. . sir.. we are going to defend 2morw!! please. help

contact diz # 09488123909 tnx..

need lng po ng thesis title, wla po akong maisip, hndi po ako marunong sa programming.. yung challenging dw poh..wla po akonhg maisip, patulong po.. plzzzz..

Hi" pwede po anu po bng mgndang title para s system ,,

ano po magandang thesis proposal pls..... salamat po sa answer sa fb kko na lang po yung answer salamat :)

help po sa topic po sa research thesis cnu po meron alam na website

Pde po ba magtanung kung wat unique title for my thesis. thanks po

anu po ba ang magandang title ng thesis atleast 3 titles po kung meron.Salamat!

hai poh , can you suggest me a title of our thesis because me and my groupmates can't decide what is the best title in our thesis. we're not good in programming kasi. we need your help. sana tulongan niyo poh kami.. sir, we're going to defend on feb.24 .. please help us.. you can email this [email protected] . or you can text me 09102543857 tnx :D

pwede po suggest kayo anong pwedeng thesis title yung pa statement po . Please:( thankyou po

hi..morning to all of you.. iam a IT students.. iam looking for a title for my school rejected all thesis title w/c is related to a TPS or about they are accepting only or they will approve only if it isabout software developmentor or software application only.we are not allowed to propose a title that are using a hardware..please help me...pllllllzzzzznamaako..

sir pwedi makahingi ng advice para sa thesis for information technology?

Active pa po ba dito? Ask lang po sana. We are undergoing Project Study 1.
@ Urdaneta City University. Patulong pong pagandahin etong title na ito: "Web Based Inventory System with Mobile Viewer" Masyado pong mahaba at parang di po kasi maganda tignan.

pa help nama po.. nahihirapan po kami magisip ng mga title namin para sa thesis namin . suggestion po ano maganda gawing thesis

yung title pang android? yung may matututunan ?

we need review of related literature about Computer Hardware Servicing.

GUYS PA HELP NAMAN OH kailangan kasi namin thesis title
wala pa kaming maicp tulong manan oh plss.
sana po wait po namin tnx

Help po. need po ng title :) ung may innovation

Need help po for thesis title with device po. :D

Pede po bang mkahingi ng proposal Jan? Kahit simple lang po basta po unique young konti palang po yung may Alan. Tnx

hi po . manghihingi lang po sana ako ng idea about sa course namin . ano po pwedeng thesis title po namin ung unique po .plss need ko lang po .plss chat me po [email protected]

Hello po sir!
Gusto ko lang po magpatulong regarding sa title ng thesis about community base. I'm an IT student. Thank You.. Ito po number ko 09752345169.

pahinge po ng title para sa thesis po namin plz.


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