Dormitory Management System

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Hello everyone, this is my first time here.. I would like to share here my project so called Dormitory Management System.

DOMS - is a Client - Server develop using Delphi (Object-Pascal) and Firebird Database.

This system is related to iDorm and Online Dormitory Management System

1.) Rooms
2.) Dormitory Applicants
3.) Dormitory Occupants
4.) Student Schedules (Occupants Schedule).
5.) Student Logged (Occupants Logged).
6.) and Many more..

Hope you like my project...

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I am using Delphi 7, can't compile it due to some component missing. Can you give me ideas where can i download this. Thanks

meron po ba kayo sa vb nito salamat

Am doing University dormitory management system which I hope u'r project will help me in doing so.Please if it's possible for you try to attach the complete project including it's documentation SRS to my email address.It's my humble request.Here is my email address [email protected] thanks in regards!

when i run this program, it show an error "TJvUIDatabase not found" how can i fix this error.thx..

pleace help me

Hi, is it possible for you to share the full features of your system, for reference since we're also making a same application. thanks

Can you give us the source code of it so we can study it and
make our project for java programming

nice thanks

provide it to yourself ! check your spelling !

please provide your sourse code to support the low level student

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