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This is a complete hospital/clinic management system written by visual c# 2008 & ms sql server. This is very useful and easy to use software. This is very helpful also to those who wants to learn C#. Feel free to explore and learn from this project.

Hope it helps you in your future project.

if any problem please email me at Tushar Ganguly

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please database of the project

can someone upgrade the DB to work with SQL 2008

plz help us in our project of that subject

SOME froms are not active and button not functioning can any one help please please please

Can you please give me a database of this project

didn't told the username and password,
please tell me the username and password

how to get connection string

Dear if some one want c# project for final year project fyp then contact me Ver Easyy code with comments 03149078070
[email protected]

hi how r u

Software design is good ham he ise open kiye the but login nahi huya

can u restore the database?

i can help u all,
follow the direction.

1. First download this software from

2. install the software

3. Now create a Database "masterHMS", just database, no need table or field

4. Now rename the "" to "gs.bak"

5. Restore the gs.bak file by new installed software (source file: "gs.bak", Target database: "masterHMS"

6. change the connection string.

I think some database table is missing on the buid like tbleSubServices, tblBloodGrouping etc.

Would you please send me the full source code with DB in my mail at [email protected]
This will helps me a lot.

Mirza Sanower Hosen

Hello ,
you do not attached the database here can you please provide the sql database file please and last link not worked same that you don;t like to attach the db and without db you good code not useable

Can you give another link please? Cant open the link you've given.

Go to this link to download the Database

The link supplied to download the database doesn't work....

This link doesn't appear to work

I Publish The DataBase For The Project Very Shortly.Stay Tune.

Regarding Some option not working can u post updated source here.

Please provide the database

publish your project database plz

username and password please

Thanks for the code.

Please, correct me if I am wrong but I can't find the database.
Can you help me please.

Thanks in advance.

can you publish your project database ???

you do not attached the database here can you please provide the sql database file please

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