Student Information System (Mini Project)

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Project Introduction:
For every colleges important task for administration department is to manage student information details in a procedure oriented manner with latest updates for every year which need to be available for easy access. In order to provide this service we designed a simple Students information management system project which has various modules which is helpful for administration to efficiently manage student’s details.
Software Requirements:
Front End Design: PHP
Back End Database: MYSQL
Modules Over View :
Basic modules that are covered in this software are Student Information Manage and maintain to Add,View,Update,Search…etc
Validation parts is only work explorer browser otherwise use activated browser
Contacts:[email protected]

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Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() in C:\xampp\htdocs\SIS\db_conn.php:7 Stack trace: #0 C:\xampp\htdocs\SIS\search.php(22): require() #1 {main} thrown in C:\xampp\htdocs\SIS\db_conn.php on line 7

i have removed all errors from this project. now this project is working fine. if any one want this project mail me to [email protected]

Why don't you post it on a blog or somewhere?

Student Information System of School

I can't get a source code from this site

these student information systen that you have made, is it functional? i think it doesn't have a log-in and i'm not sure if these website is properly working. i need a reply please. don't take it too long for you to reply.

Good day
I am using XAMPP(VER3.2.2)
This is the error undefined index: fn
The line is :$fn=$POST['fn'];

I have this problem too

well everybody has its own problem from their codes. especially me cause i am creating a student information system using php including log in and register. in order for you to enroll or apply as an admin you need to register first in the registration system that you have created. and after you've registered you can go and log in on it. and then boom. . . their you go your in the student information system.

hi i am niharika ihave one problem wiht wamo server.

hi kumar this i santoshi
i have ome problem with wamp-mysql server, when i created table its normaly saved. but after saved the table when i opend the table that shows sql-select*form likes this please what can i do help me.

Dear sir,
it shows some following error.
please guide us.
Undefined index: fname in C:\wamp\www\EACY\acCreate.php on line 75 Call Stack
Undefined variable: value in C:\wamp\www\EACY\acWidget.php on line 10
Rahul Udavant

thanks for your aps thanks

gdgdf how to download?

this is really good to know about the modules

database connection problem will occur, what i do, will you explain how to use your code step by step

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