Enrollment System v1.0 Video Tutorial

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A simple video to help you get started working with my source code. Doesn't have an audio but will give you an eye on how to use the program.
In this video you will learn how to attach the database included in the zip file to SQL Server 2000.
The next video is a demo on how to use the Enrollment System v1.0
You may suggest on how can I make this video better.


sir whats the password for the the student directory ?

please send to me the source codes of yours :)) thankss

my email is [email protected] ...thanks

pls send me all the codes on enrollment system pls.....i really need it for our project..\pls
pls im begging you...thanks a lot... god bless.
heres my yahoo account [email protected]..

i wanna see a sample for vital registration system worked in vb.net? can you show me something?

i can't open d database because i dont know thw password. how is it?

its default password is "sa"....
it is time to work ...

Hello Can i ask???...what particular version of sql you were using???

can u help us what is the scope,description and advantages using enrollment system??

thank you!

so nice system i love it thank you all i think this program well help me a lot. GOD bless you all

please send to me this masterpiece of yours :)) thankss

my email is [email protected] ...THANKSS MORE POWERRR

This is what i exactly lookin' for... .thanks a lot... .more power! peace!

_..hi gud day..
__weLL, i'LL try this video..thanks a lot.

hello every one can any body help me to buil this project step by step

my id is [email protected]
so can contact u

can u tech me how to create an computerized enrollment system

hi der.. can u Pls hElp me Nman.. i need a simple Enrollment thesis Poh.. individual project pohh.,. il w8 for it.. thanx and Godbless...

Sir can tou pls give me a simple enrollment system. coz we have a group project and we choose to do an enrollment system. i hope you can help me sir. tnx and God bless..

grade work. i like very much. thank you sir

hi sir would you please send me a sample system???please help me sir i really need your help our system is online enrollment system for a certain school here in our community this is my email address [email protected]

PLs send to me the source code of that thing... plzzzzzzzz

enrollment system

pls send me all the codes on enrollment system pls.....i really need it for our thesis..\pls
pls im begging you...thanks a lot... god bless.
my facebook e add [email protected]

can you give a sample of automated enrollment system of high school!!


here's my email add
[email protected]

hi..i learned something with your program can you help me on how to program computerized high school enrollment and student records system through visual basic?

hi sir excuse me can pls send me ol the codes on enrollment system pls

i am a graduating student plss
this is my email [email protected]

Hye plz can any one tell me if i am using vb.net and i try to get a crystel report from multiple tables and i have given the choice to the user to enter any id and then take data from the data base and then display that like ,..
if i have a student enrollment system i say to the user enter the student id id and i genrae report of his personal informaition incluing his previous enrollment records then wa will be the code or wat step will i d..can u help me plz.....

Sir can we ask 4 ur help?? we are new in Vb.net and we have a problem we cant solve

hi! sir!!! can u help us??

hi hello can u send me the code of enrollment [email protected]

can you teach me the coding of library system?as well as the enrollment system?

...hi can i ask a sample code for enrollment system using vb...

kindly send it to me the GUI and code of your enrollment system...I want to learn about how to do enrollment system in vb 6.0...
thanks sir and may the God bless you always...

hi can u send me source code for Enrollment system , id [email protected]

Do you have any problem downloading the source code?

how can i run ur program using vb2010

if taip wrongly in textbox....wana show error msgbox.
who knw tis coding....?
in form i create textbox for ic number but i dono hw set 12 digit n if wana make it cnt taip word in tat box...how?

ma email : [email protected]

You have the best abbreviation ever...can you understand your question?

Please let me know if this project can be opened by Visual Web Developer or I must have to have MS Visual Studio for it>?

who knw vb.net as well,can help me....

Database Programming Made Easy will guide you on this matter.

bro..pinoy ka pala...pwede bang upload mo yung video sa ibang site yung high res..kc malabo sa youtube...thanks in advance...pa pm na lang yung address sa ym or email ko..
[email protected]

thanks ulit....

nice videos... un pLang big help nah sa enrollment system namin.. we watched your tutorials... tnX..^-^

iam work this project in my computer it work good
when i work it in other computer with frame work and sql server and crystal report 10
reports don't work
what's problem
iam setup crystal report 2008
reports isn't work also

Unless you tell me what's problem running this on other computer I cannot tell why.

Give me some error messages you received.

i need your help with regards to our project proposal,me and my classmatea decided to choose enrolment system proposal,could u pls.help us?i read already some tips but we need more xplainations or examples.tanX...

You have everything with my enrollment system source code. What else do you need? A documentation? Do it yourself. No one will help you on that.

can i have that too.. the source of your enrollment system shown on the video.. pls..

c++ or C# thanks a lot god bless.. [email protected]

im eager to understand and to have the knowledge of doing same thing.,, can you also send to me the source code.. my professor wants us to do an enrollment system using sql and php.. but i dont have a background, do you also have a source code tutorial doing this language.. thanks ..please email the codes to me, [email protected]..

can i have a tutorial usin vb????

What do you mean?

Sir JP
can you give me a suggestion on how to start up everything. I'm now interested in MS Access but I don't know where to start.. Is there any simple tutorial that is easy to understand if i don't have any background in a programming language..
Thanks and GOD BLESS...
Keep up the good work pre...



Here's a good site I found so far:



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