SImple Library System Using VB.NET by Ico

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Check this out! Get those codes that you think is useful. Thanks .

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I need this baby

Where is the database of this? :\

Sir wala pong database ung project :'(

Hmm .pwede po pahelp po .kelangan po naming gumawa ng borrowing and returning in library system using VB ultimate that connected to Sql server.finals po namen yan.
pwde po help. please
[email protected]

hey guys we need ur help we have a final examination in visual basic 2 using creating ah library management system,.. we have no code.. pls.. :0 who want to help me :)

pahelp po gwa form for borrowing library system

where i can see the code
someone tel me??

can you send me a code ^_^

Could u pliz help send the codes of search, borrow, return of books to owner, your application is quite interesting to learn.

E-mail:[email protected]

hi everyone, you can download this program by clicking DOWNLOAD CODE link.. tapos kung may mga tanong po kayo, you may add me po sa facebook. tapos dun nalang kau magmessage..

username: michaelangeloico

kailangan ko po ng kompletong code at design ng LIBRARY SYSTEM USING .NET , meron po b kau need ko lang po

please share your ideas and making library system,thanks [email protected]

Hello! @icomichael!Can i get the code for search, save, edit, add, return, reserve and delete using ?? pls. email me at [email protected] Thanks a lot!:)

Not really familiar with the connector you used... would be great if there's a .sql file for the database.....

pls send me the system's sql database file>> [email protected]

although i could make one if i'll read the whole codes in the system...

Please send to my e-male the source code for library system i am very tankful if you can give me [email protected]

Can you help me how to make library system..
send me source code .. please
this is for our project .. thanks

[email protected]

sir how can we make the penalty if the d book did not returned within 3 days? please reply... tnx

[email protected]

Could u pliz help send the codes of search, borrow, return of books to [email protected], your application is quite interesting to learn.

E-mail:[email protected]

Hello icomichael

could send the code for the following help in
search,borrow, return and delete of books using pliz

SENT IT to [email protected]

I'm new to visual basic and your application is to understand and learn.

can i get the code for search, add, return, reserve and delete using ??
please send it to my email [email protected] asap !!
tnx .. :))

please email me or add me on facebook for more information.. thanks.. [email protected] or send me a essage. 09057861583

Pls help how to add tblBorrowers in database...

good day sourcecodester, I would like to ask the tblBorrowers is missing, pls help. I cant add new Student record. thanks.

Your a VB6 Programmer I think.
This is a Suggestion only, and this is the standard in .Net Framework as well.
You should also learn how use OOP A.K.A (Object Oriented Programming) :)
More power we never stop learning.

Dear, VB6 is an OOP programming

nice nice good for you

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