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Tetris Game using C# with Free Source Code

Tetris Game using C# with Free Source Code Tetris Game with Source Code is a single-player game the game purpose is same as the original classic tetris game we all know. The application is consist of multiple sprites and image to display the gameplay The purpose of the application is to show you how it been remade in C# programming language. About the Application The Tetris Game was created in a

JSON Formatter Application written in Visual C# Free Source Code

Computers don’t require JSON code to be formatted in order to read it, but humans do. JSON Formatter is a little C# program to format JSON text. You can either paste unformatted JSON text into the textbox, or load in a JSON file on your computer and then select the ‘Format JSON’ option from the file menu. To save the formatted version just copy and paste it into other documents. JSON Formatter was

Converting an HTML to PDF in C#/ASP.NET Tutorial

This is a C#/ASP.NET tutorial for converting an HTML to a PDF. This tutorial can be useful for those students or newbies in the said programming language that are planning to develop web application projects that can generate reports into a PDF File. I have also provided a tutorial demo video about the said tutorial. Here's the following script that I used to develop the simple C#/ASP.NET Project

Inventory System Using C# and MySQL Database Free Source Code

This Inventory system is an automated system that helps you easily track transactions. This is very useful most especially if you have lots of items to inventory compared to the manual process that will take you a lot of time and effort. In this system, you will be able to know the stock- in and stock- out of the items at the same the return items. This system is made of C# and MySQL Database, you

Payroll System in C# and MySQL Database Free Source Code

Introduction This Payroll System is an automated system whose main goal is to handle all payroll tasks such as calculating overtime of employees, holidays, deductions, and their total Net Income. This system also contains a Report wherein you the admin can view the Weekly Payroll and Payslip of employees. It’s a user-friendly system that anyone managing it can easily use the features of it. If you

Bakery Inventory System Using C# and MS Access DB Free Source Code

Introduction The Bakery Inventory System is an automated system that is ideal if you have a small bakery business. We all know that keeping track of inventory can be seriously overwhelming during rush hours, but with the use of this system you will be able to manage your bakery inventory with efficiency and you are ensured that your products will always be well-stocked. About The Bakery Inventory

POS in C# and SQL Server Free Source Code

The main goal of this Point of sales system is to keep track of your cash flow, check your inventory, and controls transactions between the customer and the retailer. This is a user-friendly system whose functions can be easily followed even by a beginner. This is way better than the manual process because the processes are improved and provide quality service. It also helps make your work fast and keeps things running smoothly. This is best suited if you are considering putting one into your business.

Cafe Point of Sale in C# Free Source Code

This is a Point of Sale System Project for a Cafe. It is a software-based application that helps to manage the sale transaction of Cafe businesses. The application calculates the total amount to pay the customer and prints a simple receipt after payment succeeds. About the Cafe Point of Sale System This project was developed using C# and MS SQL SERVER for the Database. The project requires the

Point Of Sale System in C# and SQL Server Free Download

Introduction This is a C# and MS SQL Server Project entitled Point of Sale System. This is a software-based application that allows a specific store or shop to manage its day-to-day transactions. The system 2 sides of GUI which are the Administrative Side and the Customer Side. About the POS System This Point of Sale software was developed for my client's thesis. The system contains the features

School Library System Using C# and MySQL Database Free Source Code

Introduction This Library system is an automated system that aims to simplify the way of issuing a book, save time and effort. With the use of this system, you can properly keep records of books issued, reissued, and those not returned. This eliminates the need to employ many workers because with the help of this system the librarian can accomplish the daily transactions by himself at a given time