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It’s very encouraging sometimes to see how well paid a computer programmer is. Consider a career that belongs to top 15 jobs that earns between $60,000 and $65,000 annually. According to the survey computer programmers are 1 of the highest paid worker now a day.

But, is it really true that if you have a big income, this will really solve your financial problem? May be some of you will say Yes and some will say No.

According to survey 83 percent of employees are living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet.

And some said they would need an extra amount of money per paycheck in order to meet their needs. It seems that every time a survey takes place an employee are not satisfied of what they currently have. The more they have (income) the more they need more.

May be this happens to you also. If you have an annual income of $30,000 a month you will still need more to meet your needs.

My evaluation is because we live sometimes above our means. Meaning we spend more than what we earn. But if you put this ironically, to live below your means, then you will live without expecting for more paycheck.

Think about now. Being a programmer with considerable paycheck, don’t spend too much but spend wisely. This is I think a true financial freedom.



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A programmer in thesis and company system

Please I am a student of vb. I need to create a project that helps to capture records for an oil supply industry. products are usually received and delivered to petrol stations and daily records kept on how much was delivered, how much are still in tanks, how much need to be received for the next day without exceeding the maximum amount a tank can hold, how much is received and so on. please any idea to contribute to the development of this program will be highly appreciated.

Hello Sir,

I want to Source code for Employee Salary Management in Visual Basic 6.0 (Monthwise) also include PF Fund, Bank Statement with Account Number, Challan etc.

Please help me

my email address is : [email protected]

Thanks a Lot

HI do u have c# equivalent of this projects you have

hi! i'm glad there are people like you who is very generous to help would-be programmers. i also want to be a programmer but i think i am already over-aged and i think programmers need to score very high in terms of logic. thank you again.

Actually to become a programmer has no age limit as long as you can do the job. But you are right, you need logic to become a programmer since you are always dealing with code.

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