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Top Five Best Programming Languages for First-Time Learners

A programming site has listed its top five best programming languages for first-time learners following its recently conducted poll survey.

According to Lifehacker, the following are the top five best programming languages for the firs-timers whose gearing up to learn on how to code:

  1. Python
  2. C/C++
  3. Java
  4. JavaScript
  5. Ruby

Based on the survey, Python leads as the most popular particularly for first-timers.

Python, an open source programming was first introduced by Guido van Rossum which is currently used for commercial applications.

Python which is defined as flexible and dynamic programming language enables the programmer to formulate functional codes in a given time.

Following on the second spot is the C/C++ programming language.
The C programming language is closely related with general programming language.

On the other hand, C++ is widely used in software productivity but it is more complex than C language when it comes to development.

C/C++ is dubbed as "Most Foundational Programming Languages" which dealt with learning the science of computer programming.

Java landed on the third spot as the best programming language for first-time learners.

Java which plays a vital role in all platforms, other devices and operating systems is considered as one of the influential language of programming developed by Oracle.

JavaScript on the other hand is commonly used regardless of the presence of browsers as long as the context of connection is applied. The scripting language is commonly used for professional codes.

Ruby, among the top five best programming language for first-time learners is easy to learn and not seeking complex knowledge in the field of programming. Ruby is also commonly known for specialization of commands and codes.

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