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Reasons Why A Clean Code Matters A Lot

As a coder/ programmer, you already know the importance of writing a clean code but have you ever thought why a clean code really matters? Well the points discussed below will not only give you a clear insight about the importance of clean code structure but you will also start writing your codes in a cleaner manner after this.

You Are An Author

You are not just a programmer but you are the author of the code as well. The job of the author is to create a rough draft at first and then convert it into a nice and clean piece of writing. As an author, you will only feel content with your work when it looks clean. So if you have been writing long strings of codes without even caring about the structure then you better start paying attention towards clean codes.

It’s Functional

A good and clean code is always functional. If you have written a code in a hurry, it will not work properly. The code has to be functional or it will not work. The best thing about writing a clean code is that, it will work just the way you want.

Justify Your Technique

If someone asks you about the technique you used to write a code and you try to explain it to them on the rough draft, they will never understand it. A programmer who is going to review you code will need a proper understanding of the technique used by you.

Easy to Read

This is the best thing about a clean code, it is easy to read. You might often find free codes on the internet that are poorly written and it is really difficult to understand the but on the other hand, if a code is written cleanly, it will become a lot easier to read it.

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