Microsoft Kinect Code Not Open Source Just Provide Samples

Contrary to the recent news posted by BBC with the headline "Microsoft shares source code for Kinect gadget," this isn't the case, Microsoft has open sourced SOME samples that use the Kinect, not open sourcing all the codes. According to the news item, "Before now anyone wanting to use the Kinect had to work via an official software toolkit that hid the underlying code." There's a little bit of misunderstanding, based upon our own research, you still have to use the SDK that hides its inner workings. Microsoft has ONLY open sourced a set of examples. The examples do help with the task of getting to know the SDK and how to get something working, but certainly they add no new information above the SDK documentation. To add more evidence that Microsoft has not Open Sourced the Kinect, they hasn't released any information that wasn't already available and it hasn't placed the SDK or the Kinect Drivers into the category of open source. If you want to work with the Kinect using open source then you still have to go back to the open source drivers created when the Kinect was first released or use the PrimeSense drivers via OpenNI. Basically, Microsoft has only uploaded some Kinect sample programs to CodePlex and made their status open source. Clearly the drivers are irrelevant because there are two alternative open source drivers and the Kinect hardware is made by PrimeSense, so it is not proprietary. For more information of the Kinect for Windows Sample Code just visit the official Kinect for Windows Blog.

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