Basic4android: Simple and Easy Way to Create Great Android Apps

Basic4android is one of the fastest growing Android Rapid Application Development (RAD) Tool available in the market today. It is a commercial product inspired by Microsoft Visual Basic 6 and Microsoft Visual Studio. The programming language that is easy to use especially for those who were Android enthusiasts is the Basic4android. B4A helps you make your own applications for Android devices, the language itself is a reminiscent of the BASIC programming language. One of the most important feature of the Basic4android is not only the ease of the Basic programming language but the speed of a native Android app because you don't need an interpreter in between Android and your app. Currently the Basic4android users can use the existing libraries created by fellow users to extend its functionality even further. With the popularity of Android, now considered as the most popular mobile operating system, developers will have a bright future when using B4A, especially in the commercial sense for the product you created can be easily monetized. Basic4android created apps are just as good, and quick as apps hand coded in Java, but with the added benefit of being quick and easy to develop and deploy. One of the regular contributor to this site Jaysfall have already created the very first Android program submitted in SourceCodester. He created the Simple Messaging in Android with the use of Basic4Android. We have tested the program and it runs smoothly on our Samsung S2 Android smartphone. Some features of Basic4android: **Complete IDE and programming language 100% focused on Android development. **No Need for XML Programming. **Object oriented programming language. **The only true WYSIWYG visual editor for Android. **Modern IDE with autocomplete, built-in documentation, internal index. **Supports all Android phones and tablets form Android 1.6 and up to Android 4.0. To learn more about the Basic4Android Rapid Application Development Tool just visit the official website of Basic4android

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