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Robo Wunderkind Introduces Lego-Type Programmable Robot for 5 Year Olds

Technology has come a very long way. Undeniably, many children now are into playing games on gadgets like iPads, mobile phones, and laptops rather than playing with real toys. While there are advantages, there are disadvantages as well. Aside from these online games limiting the socialization of the kids, it may also put boundaries on the kids' creativity. It is a lot different if they play with real toys that do not only make their hands move but also encourages them to think creatively.

One of the helpful toys that you can give to your kid is Robo Wunderkind's Lego-type programmable robot. This programmable toy is perfect for kids five years old and above. It will make them deal with both - a real toy and a gadget. How does it do it?

The Robo Wunderkind's offer is still like a Lego building kit. The youngsters can play with the bricks and they can put them together. The kit comes with adapters so kids can connect them based on how they want their robot to be. The more advanced side of this toy is that it is programmable. A tiny camera can be placed on it and an IR blaster and receiver can also be utilized.

The company behind this programmable robot offers two apps - the Robo Live and the Robo Code. The Robo Live app will allow the kids to control the robot while the Robo Code which features a new interface allows the young ones to detect which blocks they are on. They can also join simple algorithms using the latter app.

Are you interested to purchase this Lego-like programmable robot of Robo Wunderkind? You may purchase a starter kit for only $250.

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