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Python, a programming language created by Guido van Rossum, is one of those that is widely used by programmers in coding activities. One of its best features is that it enables clear programming both in small and large scales with the utilization of whitespace. This language also supports procedural, object-oriented, functional, imperative, and other programming paradigms.

The initial work with Python usually does not require many special tools. However, as the work progresses, coding becomes complicated and switching back to the editor to fix the typos and run it again may not sound good and efficient. Any coder would want to have an application that has advanced features including syntax highlighting, bracket-matching, and code-folding. There are actually several Integrated Development Environments or IDE that can help you.

Here are our Top 5 IDE for Python:

1. Eric
The cross-platform full-featured IDE Eric is ideal for serious coding activities. This IDE named after Eric Idle utilizes the QT library. The thing about this IDE is that it supports other languages including Ruby. It can make coding a whole lot convenient for the coder with its code completion, brace-matching, and code-folding features. It also comes with a built-in TODO list, a debugger, and an integrated class browser. It also has a hex editor, an icon designer, and an SQL browser. The eric is undeniably perfect for coders looking for an IDE that has a lot of features.

2. Atom
GitHub is behind the "hackable text editor" Atom which has a clean interface and is perfect for coders who are just starting in the field. This IDE allows the coder to join real projects in real time. It can be achieved through the Teletype package.

Atom is cross-platform which comes with lots of features. Meanwhile, despite being jam-packed with features, it maintains a clean interface and allows coders to split its panels.

3. Thonny
Thonny IDE was developed at the University of Tartu in Estonia. It is also an ideal IDE for beginners in coding as it has an excellent debugger that will equip one with the ins and outs of coding. The said feature is also perfect for finding bugs and while the program is running, you can see the state of the variables.

Another thing about Thonny why it is really helpful to beginners in coding is that it automatically indents and completes the codes. It can also help you in highlighting the syntax errors.

IDLE is the very own IDE of Python. It utilizes the tkinter toolkit and allows the coders to do what they want with the snippets. It is helpful for beginners in coding as it has automatic indention feature and a debugger which allows both single-stepping and over-stepping. Another thing about its debugger is that it presents the state of both the local and the global variables.

5. Visual Studio Code
The Visual Studio Code IDE or the Code as it is commonly called by the developers comes with its own debugger and built-in terminal. It can debug the unit test of your work through the different frameworks including the pytest, unittest, and nose. This IDE also supports linting and it comes with a marketplace filled with extensions that are for free.

What many coders love about Code is that this cross-platform IDE is highly configurable and it supports Intellisense.

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