Instagram unveils Zoom: Allows You Pinch In To Zoom Photos Or Videos

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Instagram unveils its latest feature that will surprise all the netizens from all over the world. As they announced that they will release new feature that will let people get closer, more intimately look at your pictures.

In today’s generation, Social media have become prominent parts of life for many young people today. Most people engage with social media without stopping to think what the effects of it in our lives.

Ina recent news, the Instagram will let people zoom in on photos and videos in their feeds.

This is a good news for all the avid Instagram users as the used of zooming was now announced to all the social media users.

The move is a welcomed one for avid Instagram users; one that feels intuitive for those used to zooming in on mobile photos.

The feature rolls out to iOS users and will arrive on Android devices in the coming weeks.
The new updates was intended to make the app stickier for users. The updated features of Instagram allows the users to zoom and see in a closer wa the photographs of their friends.

In a previous report, the company has recently introduced Instagram Stories earlier this month of Snapchat Stories that lets people post photos and video to a stream that disappears after 24 hours.

Other changes to Instagram over the past year include freshening up its logo and rolling out Boomberang, a short video feature that loops videos forwards then back ward.

The new updates of the Instagram aims to brush up on your photo editing skills.

INSTAGRAM users around the world were wowed by the recent launch of the new zoom feature. Infact, there have been a lot of requests to add the much-wanted feature to the app.

The new feature of the app will lets you pinch in to zoom on the photos or videos you see in the app.

It’s a simple pinch-and-zoom gesture that will let you zoom in on any photo or video, and lifting or releasing the pinch will restore the size to normal.

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