Lenovo Yoga Book Tablet: Let You Write With The Real Ink

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Lenovo will let you write with the real ink.

Lenovo brought a new change to the technology.

Lenovo released the newest updates of their tablet. Lenovo Company announced that they released their Yoga Book Tablet.

The good news was announced before the start of the IFA conference in Berlin. Lenovo unveiled their innovative Book Tablet that claims the speed and typing experience surpasses that of a physical keyboard.

The company released a new and different kind of tablet. The slender and touch sensitive surface that powered by Wacom.

Lenovo calls it the create pad that lets you swing the screen all the way around and you ca take notes on paper while it’s folded up with the screen off on the back and the tablet wil still record them.

The Yoga Book Tablet uses a different kind of keys, Lenovo’s now familiar “watchband” hinge to put together two different pieces.

It uses a touch-sensitive screen surface which is powered by Wacom. It has light-up keys that make it a keyboard, but it also accepts input from a stylus.

Lenovo calls it the "Create Pad," and it has one more trick: you can swap in an ink cartridge into the included stylus and take notes on real paper and the Yoga Book will copy what you’re doing in real time.

This slender and light "2-in-1" tablet folds out to reveal two panels, one with a 10.1-inch Full HD screen, and one with what Lenovo refers to as a “halo” keyboard that shows up only when you need it.

The typist, meanwhile, receives haptic feedback. Lenovo claims the speed and typing experience surpasses that of a physical keyboard, but to me it still felt like I was typing on a tablet. Suffice to say, I need a whole lot more convincing.

What is also interesting is that you can make the halo keyboard disappear entirely and use the panel as a digitizer. You can use a supplied Wacom stylus with real ink to write or draw on a regular piece of paper laid on top, and then have the software simultaneously digitize your doodles and jottings.

Good news fpr everybody, the pen of the yoga book will no0 longer need battery that needs to be charged, sports 2,048 pressure levels and 100-degree angle detection and standard replaceable ink tips for use as a traditional pen. Lenovo says the battery life of the tablet itself is around 15 hours.

The absence of physical keys has let Lenovo slim down the machine to a width of about three pennies, which in living up to the product’s moniker can be carried like a book. It weighs a mere 1 1/2 pounds. As with other Lenovo Yoga-branded models, Yoga Book makes use of a 360-degree watchband-style hinge.



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