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10,000 Retro Games: Now Available Over The Net

Games are indeed one of the sources of fun of the humanity. It offer great adventures, thrills, and exceptional feelings that can only be felt by playing. Some resorts to games as way of letting the time pass. Others play games to divert their mindsets while some play games for friendly competitions with circles of friends. Unlike before wherein games were more of an outdoor type, games now have come a long way and the gaming environment is just on the screen. One no longer needs to go outside his house and knock at his playmate's door to ask for a game. Playing a game in the present society is just a click, tap, or a swipe away. Through the advancement brought by Science and Technology, we now have computer and mobile games which we can play wherever we are. One small gadget can contain variety of games that would surely drive the boring moments away. Aside from the fact that games has come in gadgets, games continue to level up. We already have ancient mobile and computer games that became a trend in the past but are no longer often played now. A recent report in Inquirer is like a trip down to memory lane as it features the 10,000 retro games that are now available over the net. Through a non-profit library website, Internet Archive, around 10,000 retro games were compiled and can now be played in the site. On the other side, compilation from another website goes in contrary to the number of retro games in Internet Archive. Hall of Light only has 5, 698 retro games on its list so there is a possibility that in the 10,000 compiled games, there are those that were doubled. Thank you so much for sparing a bit of your time to read this article. Feel free to visit our blog site more often for more informative updates.

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