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Google Searches For 60 New Web Rangers

60 new web rangers will be chosen by Google in its goal to make the use of internet more beneficial and a way for honing users' skills.

In support of its digital literacy campaign, Google is now on the go for scouting 60 young Filipinos who are very much willing to upgrade their skills and has the innate love for a more useful and better use of what the online world offers.

The head of communications and public affairs of Googles, Gail Tan, expressed the idea that the event is a campaign that aims to switch the perspective of Filipino youths on how they see digital and find it as something where they could use their creativity to make something meaningful.

The search for the 60 web rangers will start on the 1st of August and Filipino youths aging 15 to 20 years old have the chances to be chosen. They will have to answer a question in the sign-up sheet and their answers will be screened so as to come up with who will be chosen.


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