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Material Design Frameworks

Material Design Frameworks

In this article, we are going to tackle about Material Design Frameworks. I would like you to know about material design in which programmers and developers are already popular for their websites and Android app. It was developed and introduced by Google Inc.

Material Design used to take a good care for the user experience when they used it. It seriously connects with the user. It has responsive and relevant interactions. And, you can please the user to used or to merge in the app.

Top 5 Material Design Frameworks in 2016


1.) Material Design Lite


Google released the Material Design Lite and this is the front-end library designed to make it easy when they add another material design to look and feel in their websites.

2.) Materialize


This is a modern responsive design where it is a front-end framework material design. It also available on GitHub. Kindly click it.

3.) Material UI


This Material-UI is a very bright library featuring with the CSS Styles and Animations.

4.) Material Design for Bootstrap


This is so very popular with the programmers and developers using this Material Design for Bootstrap. Look at in the demo page.

5.) Angular Material


This is the UI component library for the AngularJS developers. When the developers or the programmers used this kind of material design, it helps their work to create faster, beautiful, appealing, excellent, superb and the website will be responsive.

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