Online Library Management System in ASP.NET

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This project is online library system using ASP.NET. The user has an option to register and create their own account. The user has limited access on the system. They can only check for books available. Only the admin can access the full system. He/she can check for books available, add books, view records and other transactions.

Hope you learn from this. Happy coding.

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good effort project

very good program and it's interesting.

Thank you very much!!!

please attach the DB script

The school where my children attend is looking into updating the way books are checked out, etc. We still use card catalog system and want to get a library software program with scanner, barcodes, and everything we need to bring us up to the 21st century! Am I looking in the right place or could you direct me on where I may need to go? This project will be completed by volunteers who have good computer skills but need to complete it before the beginning of the school year. Thanks!

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