Python Issue: How to use "raw_input" in Python 3? [Solved]

Python Issue How to use raw_input in Python 3 [Solved]
This article teaches you how to fix a common problem related to using raw_input() in the Python programming language: Python Issue: How to use raw_input in Python 3? [Solved]. In this topic, I will provide a method that shows the best solution for this problem. We will gain a better understanding of Python programming to tackle any problems that we encounter If you are looking for a specific solution to any errors or are unable to make your code work, this article might help you solve your problem.

What is raw_input?

The raw_input function takes a string as a parameter. This parameter refers to the text to be displayed while the program waits for the user to provide input. It is also highly recommended to include a prompt in your system because a prompt informs the user about what the program requires and what needs to be entered.

In this article, we will explore the fundamental use of the raw_input() function in your system. Additionally, I will provide a sample code to demonstrate the correct usage of raw_input in Python 3.

We will discuss the common issues when using raw_input() in Python 3.

The above program did not run as expected, and we encountered an error. This is because Python 3 doesn't support the raw_input() function, which produces an error output.

Common problem found when using raw_input() in Python 3

  • Python 3 doesn't support the raw_input() function.
  • Python 3 supports only input() function
  • input() function in python 3 will converts the input into string.

The correct way to receive user input in Python 3 or later is to use the input() function.


The Python Issue: How to use "raw_input" in Python 3? [Solved] is a problem that many developers encounter when they want to receive user inputs. These types of errors are highly common when a function is not compatible with the latest Python version.

I hope that this article will help you resolve the problems or errors you may be encountering during your coding phase for your Python project. Feel free to visit this website for more updates and tutorials.

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