Basic4Android - SQLite Demo (Add, Delete, Update/Edit)

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The beauty of this simple little program is not in its novelty value, but that it can be added to any other program to add functionality and make a point of difference.
Please install the apk installer to see the sample demo in action.

To our webmaster your kindness is highly appreciated.

Hobert Starks always at your service!


nice sir

SQLite is a software library that implements a self-contained, serverless, zero-configuration, transactional SQL database engine. SQLite is the most widely deployed SQL database engine in the world. The source code for SQLite is in the public domain.


Not quite understanding what this is? You can access a mysql database via an android?

>I use SQLite database for this application.Please read my post about SQlite.

>Please install the apk file to an android phone.
>This Simple program can Add, Delete, and Edit/Update data using SQLITE database.

>It is possible to use mysql database to an android phone via a network
connection (wi-fi) or in webserver.

>Thank you for your inquiry

Missing bal file

It is in the FILEs FOLDER.To see this simple program in action, kindly install the apk installer (in the Objects folder). This apps is for Android phones, tested in samsung galaxy y


The complete source code is available upon request at [email protected].

I recommend you to post the complete source code so other will not have hard time to locate it.

complete source code is now ready to download sir

thank u very much

what are the softwares needed to run sqlitedemo program

SQLite database engine and Basic4Android IDE.Thank u sir

Thank you for the nice example. More are appreciated!


Hi, Im very interested in your app code. I have installed Basic4Android and i paste your code inside. I need add reference to sql and cursor, how i do it?
I need install sqlite, it can be installed in emulator?

Sir, This is due to broken license. It works on a licensed b4a IDE. Thanks!

Can we use Eclipse helios in running this application? Thanks.

This apps was written in Licensed Basic4Android. This is not compatible with eclipse helios. Thanks!

Can you please tell me how to connect MS SQL Server data base through basic4android.

Without Asp Code we can connect to ms SQL i.e. Directly from hand set to SQL database. Thanks in Advance

so beautif i learn with this sql lite sooooooo tahnks

i need help for run this program source in basic4android
one error runtime >> error device
[email protected]

This is due to your broken licensed IDE.Thanks!

1 - Je veux savoir l'emplacement de la base de données SQLDemo dans le système ANDROID...
2 - Est ce que c'est possible de définir un emplacement spécifie dans le chemin d'acces Basic4Android exp. /sdcard/Android/data/db.dql


Please translate in English.Thanks


I want connect my device with my sqllite data base in my pc (ethernet) but the SMB not work in declaration : Dim SMB1 AS SMB (B4A not now it) ???

Thanks for help

Please connect using Wi-Fi.Thanks!

Dear Permalink

Please help me to update a table from Webserver to devise database in basic4android. I am using the below mentioned code it is updating only one value to all columns.

L= a.Query("select * from TabDate")
For i = 1 To L.Size -1
SQL1.ExecNonQuery2("INSERT INTO datemstr VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?)", Array As Object(i)

Please help me.

Thanks in Advance

Manoj Kumar

sir pano po maupdate ung data ng .sql file? di sya naguupdate pag nagedit ako ng user and pass

Nakikita mo ung updated data sa listview?

Hello Sir ! In An android its possible to store the data(Image, text) in SqlLite and retrieve in xml ? pls advice , thank..

thank;s for your tutorial, its relly helpful, i wonder.. how if my database have a table contain image blop, can i make it grid thumbnail.. like contact grid ?



tnx for the code sir ^^

hi can you send me the full source code please at [email protected]

hey can i have the full source code about the Basic4Android - SQLite Demo (Add, Delete, Update/Edit) PLEASE... I badly need it.
JUST SEND IT @ [email protected]

hello, can you help me? how are the syntax to show data from sqlite to listview in basic4andoid? thankyou.

How to store data from XML to SQLite in B4A ?

thanks in advance.

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