Android Online Quiz with Php and MYSQL

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This is android quiz application that makes use of remote mysql database to store all information and questions related to this quiz.

It supports the following features

1. User Registration
2. User Login
3. Quiz Categories
4. Quiz Subcategory
5. User Profile Page
6. Quiz Score Board
7. Quiz Settings
8. Quiz Question
9. Quiz Timer Support
10. Material Design
11. Remote Online Database
12. Online web based admin panel
13. Clean and beautiful code
14. Settings
15. Rate App

For more information about the source code or questions, you can visit my blog here


Pls help me with the php code [email protected][email protected]

did you got the php files of that project ?

Pls help me with the php code [email protected]

i want php code
send on [email protected]

Plz upload php web admin panel code

Hello friend. Where is this app php admin panel? I have android source code but not include php admin panel in pack. Please help.
My e-mail: [email protected]

your works so nice. i have seen but i want php code
send on [email protected]

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