Advantages of Linux Server Hosting and Windows Server Hosting

When you have to decide what kind of web hosting to choose, usually one of the first steps is to decide if you will go for Linux server hosting or for Windows server hosting. There isn't a universal prescription if Linux server hosting or Windows server hosting is the best web host, no matter if it is for a dedicated server or for a shared hosting because both Linux server hosting and Windows

Student Information System

Title of the project: Student Information System of Northhills Institute of Business and Technology Description: A simple IS (Information System) I made as a project in SAD (System Analisys and Design) subject. Below is the list of Screenshot.. (Main Menu of Interface of the System) (Student List... you can add,update, delete student information in this section of the system. By default, it will

How to Display Data in Windows Forms

In order to display data in windows forms all you need to do is drag Items from the Data Sources. For more information, see How to Add New Data Source.

Before you drag the Items (i.e. table name) make sure that you select the display type and type of control that you’d like to appear in the Windows Forms.

To do this expand the Item name and the arrow down to select the display type and type of control which you would like to appear.

Display type