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The Success of

Without you this website is useless. But because of you this website become a successful online tool for programmers who wish to contribute and share their programming expertise. I am also thankful for those who ask a challenging question about my system and other user’s source code. If not because of your critics, opinions and suggestion may be my knowledge in programming has not improved

Inventory System - MS Access version

This is an MS Access version of the Point of Sale that I'm trying to create before. But I go on, on developing the VB version instead of MS Access. If you are studying the concept of MS Access this simple program will help you develop a relational database using various relationship like one-to-many, etc. Account information: User: admin Pass: admin

Disable Right Click and Ctrl Keys in ASP.Net

We can easily disable right click and control keys in come circumstances.We want to disable the right click so that the user can not copy from or to the web page.In most of the web application it can be use in any possible condition. for doing this we have two possible ways: 1). Using method, which is used when we don't want to show message to the user

Cross Page posting in

Cross Page posting in We can cross post the data in from one page to another page.Cross Page posting feature allows a page to cross post to another page which in turn allows you to access all data in posted source page. By simply setting PostbackUrl property, we specify the destination page to which present page should post when post back occurs on present page.

Upload binary data the Database


Some times we have the requirement to upload an image to the database in binary form. As uploading a image file to the database has many different benefits as compare to uploading files to the Web Server Folders So let’s starts from the database table design The fields includes in table are: 1) ID – Primary Key 2) Filename – Store name of the file. 3) Mime- what type of file is it.