Using RFID in VB6

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Im back again this time i will show how to use RFID Reader in VB6 Currently im developing Loadable E-Pass System for a confidential client and i want to share some of of codes regarding RFID and VB6. These is pretty straight forward i used MSCOMM (serial library in .NET) component in order to read /write buffer connected to PC's serial/usb port. This is done by using the oncomm() event in order to read all the buffers send by the RFID interface without using the timer control.

USB to RS232 converter compatible:
Download and install prolific drivers.

For more info please download the sample project Happy coding for Design projects, custom web and windows application, please visit



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I have zktecho uface 800 machine. I want it user punch report in the notepad file. Please guide me.

where i can download the zip file sir??thanks

Good day sir,.
I am currently helping my friend in creating attendance system using rfid,.

nagkakaproblema po ako sa pagkuha ng tag ID ng rfid tag ko. everytime na iscan ko sya naiiba ung numbers nlumalabas,. pano po kaya ang gagawin para everytime na magscan ako ng rfid tag hnd na naiiba. yong para magamit ko as student id,..

thankyou so much in advance!!

sir, pwedi po bang malaman if paano makuha ang data kung ang rfid tag ay equal sa rfid tag na naka register sa database? kung pag detect nito ay eqaul sa idtag na nasa database, ipa display q ang data nito sa listview..

panu po mag connect ng RFID sa

sir/mam i have a thesis proposal entitled student attendance monitoring system im asking for your help. creating the prototype thank you

how download sorce code with form

sir, may nabili po akong rfid sa e-gizmo, nagtry po ako ng code na nakaattach dito, ngeerror po eh,
panu po iresolve to sir?
USB to UART ang connection ko sa RFID at PC
tpus merun pa pong isang error, sa device po,
pag madami na po xang RFID ID Card na nadetect(in standalone), ngbebeep xa continuously, as in wala pong tigil ung beep,

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

gimana si settingan standar rfid sehingga kartu rfid dapat di baca oeh staterkit.
nb. saya sedang mengerjakan tugas, sistem absensi karyawan menggunakan kartu rfid menggunakan vb 6 dan sql express 2005 sebagai data base-nya..

sir, meron po kmi proj. kc po id nmin is an rfid tpos gusto po nmin un gmitin ung id for the logging system sa library..ang rfid reader po nmin is from e-gizmo..meron n din po kmi usb to rs232 n gmit..tpos vb6, nadedetect nga po ung id ksu di xa nainterface sa vb6..tnx po..

please help, i can't integrate the device code to my vb6 program. PM me in YM [email protected]

Sir, I doing a attendance monitoring program using RFID and I'm trying to convert you vb 6 code to to no avail. I'm wondering if you could give me a sample program on how to connect my RFID from RS232 to USB and display the data read in the cards in my GUI.

Hope you could help. THANKS!

i want change the existing key value(ie FFFFFFFF) for read/write operation.i am using MIFARE SL500 and for the interface.
is ther any or any other mechanism to do the above

hello friend have u devloped this project ??? mail me [email protected]

sir,,help nmn po.library automation using rfid po...interfacing po sana nia

hope you can help me on my project."library management system using rfid". we need it to be mutifunctional; check-in/out of books,inventory, seaching missing books and if possible we need it to match for our security system

Hello sir.. can i am doing my final project and working with rfid... your thread is very nice and i am hoping that you can help me how to connect rfid to visual basic.... here is my [email protected]

sir... ask ko lang,,,walang output na lumalabas sa hyper terminal ng pc ko... pero kapag nagswipe naman ako ng tag tumutunog yung buzzer..... help naman

Hello!! i am a, doin my project based on RFID for security in jewelery showroom.. it is dificult to get the components as the reader for our model is UHF and hence too costly… the required read range wud be atleast 1m. also could u pls suggest wat type of codings or algorithms can be used?? and wher to find them?? Help!!

Good afternoon sir,
Can you please give us an overview or sample project on how to connect RFID reader on VB.6 for our senior's project.
this is my email add [email protected]

we need it for our thesis proposal can you help us? thanks

Good afternoon sir,
Can you please give us an overview on how to connect RFID reader on VB.6 for Project Study.
this is my email add [email protected]
Thank you!

Good afternoon sir,
Can you please give us an overview on how to connect RFID reader on VB.6 for our senior's project.
this is my email add [email protected]

hi sir.i have a thesis about faculty monitoring and assets management system using ang sql server5

about monitoring we will gonna use RFID but i don't have any idea to create this?this will check the status of professor if they are in faculty or not

and in assets managemet system using where it will show how many items are in one room and their quantity?

hope you can help me?thanks in advance!

Dear Sir,

I just want to know how we can avoid one student carry multiple contact less card and get into the school .

[email protected]

plz send me if u have any information regarding this.

Please guide me
I want connect a Balance to Computer(Rs232) that my balance send data this way:
Start code/Weight Data Bytes/Decimal point code /Decimal point byte
example:23.175 kg
BB 02 31 75 DD 23
I use rfid.txt attach this page but this source file you define :
MSComm1.InputLen = 2
but you program didn't for me suitable answer please guid me
my program is VB6
my email:[email protected]

my name is erum . pls help me how RF-id can be implemented to manage the attendance system for an organization using C# .net 2010 and sql server 2008 pls if any one know email me to :

[email protected]

thanks in advance
pls send me immediately i have to do as soon as possible

please contact me @


emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

Hi! i need help regarding how to interface a barcode reader in VB.Net Project so to get input in the forms textbox
please help me

please contact me @


emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

Hello Sir,

My project po is about RFID based library management system. 13.56MHz ang gagamitin kong RFID reader. May sample program po ba kau jan for borrowing and returning of books?

Salamat po!!!

OK, you can contact me @ +639399393702

FB Fan Page: emondsoft

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

Sir, can I have a copy of the program u've made for Library Management System?.. Thank You Very Much!

What is your email?

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

Send me program of digital library managment using RF-ID On VB SOFTWEAR

this is my email add sir..
[email protected]

Thank You Sir


I am a freelancer programmer and I am knowledgeable of coding RFID (RS232-SERIAL USB2.0) using VB.NET. If you want to hire me as your programmer and give you a tutorial, you can email me at [email protected]

I already have the code that works with WIndows XP and Windows 7

You may view it here at my ads:



Hi Friends I have RFID Reader and 5 Cards to implement my project in college. I am given a project as my internal project in MCA. I have all the hardware but don't know from where I should start to develop the software as my marks will be considered on this project. Please help me my life is dependent on my college project now..!

pls contact me @ +639212279363 or email me @ [email protected]. I have some white papers for this.

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

Good day,

Sir, can you pls. help me connect my RFID reader, TRF7960 EVM to vb6?.. any advice?

Thank you.

please contact me @


emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

happy day,

sir i have no idea on how to connect RFID to VB, can you pls help me?

Ok..pls post your inquiry here.

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

happy afternoon,

Our project is "Car Identification System Using RFID" we need to implement this project in our school. But we don't have enough knowledge on how RFID work on programming language. Sir can you please give us an idea or a sample project code in this matter?

thank you

[email protected]

Hi sir.. Gud Day..

Help naman po sa thesis nmin.. RFID po sya from gizmo then parang tollgate po na magoopen yung gate kpg nadetech yung tag. Help po sana sa Commport.. hnd kami makapagprogram eh.. thanks poh..

contact me @ +639212279363 for the request

emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant

hiiiii sir,
i m using RFID device for creating attendance system. m using smart card access control hf-sc403 device . Please give me proper solution to how to retrieve data form device using LAN port , i m using vb.net2008 and sql server 2005.
please sir help me please.....

send me proper solution on my email Id :

[email protected]

i m waiting for your reply sir..........

Thank You....

please contact me @


emond sabiniano
Project Contractor-Developer/Software Consultant


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