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Hello guy'z, this is my new system that i developed this month..
     This system is for the Guidance Office of our School, now i want to share
    it for those students who take thesis relavant to this.
    Hope you like it guy'z and don't forget to leave a comment about this project.
    Happy Day and Happy Coding mga kapwa Developer.

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nice one........

hehe tnx...

Are you from Ipil?

I'm looking for a tutor for VB6.

How much do you charge?

contact me at my cell: 09192511827

Thank you

Yes sir/maam, i'm from ipil, zamboanga sibugay...Ahm i'm still studying in Sibugay Technical Institute Inc.(STII), I'm available for tutorial if I'm not busy in my study. Just contact me at my cell: 09161625425
..< Ur welcome sir/maam >..

Rommel,nagbago ka ba ng number?
itext mo ako sa 09173085402.

Good evening sir I'm manuel! Sir rommel, I always visit in this site, nag babaka sakaling may mahanapan po akong pwedeng tumulong sa aking SAD system, nahihirapan po kasi akong gumawa dahil diko pa kabisado ang mag program, Sir pwede po ba ninyo akong tulungan?

,pwde pu magpaturo ng mga mschart code.. d2 sa system nmin na student guidance ..

as of to date, vb6 is no longer supported. However, you may switch to .net. I would recommend MVC c# as it is in demand on the market todate.

it's awesome man !!! awesome !! keep it up !!!

Thank you sir...ahm where are you from sir...?

we have the same system for our thesis...hope to see more of this

Thank u very much and i look student information system( personal file management, attendance and mark list ) do u help me

..Your welcome...

we will try get some concept in this project can we ask u something if we had a problem doing this?

..ok 4 me...

ang galing..

naks nman same ng thesis nmin at least now di n kmi mhihirpan in developing our system because my guide n kmi......

..Hmm.. ganun vah...sana pagbutihin nyo thesis nyo..

exactly yan ang hnahanap koo..hehehe..salamat po!!

..your welcome dude..sana marami kaung ma22nan sa code q..
thank sa comments nyo..

. . thanks po. . may guide na kami

.your welcome..

Bro i want the code of Print, how to do that, using Vb 6.0, at onu gumwa ng datagrid at datareport pra sa output nya in enrolment system

i only need some part of your program..anyway thanks...

can you please tell me on how to use the prjXPtab... is there any user control that has been used????

thanks for sharing, keep it up bro.

anu po ung statemnent of the problem in Guidance system.

you have good programmer .

Dear I need to have Human Resource Management system for my final project and need help? Please send me the source code of it if you have any thanks !

A Road Map to the Future Need !!

meron ka bang documentation ng project mo???i ppropose ko lang hehe ^_^

hope maka bigay ka po sakin ng some knowledge in thank you

hi po ! parehas po tayo ng concept pero ung amin ay may kasamang exam para sa mga 4th year students na gagraduate. ung sa inyo po ba anong klaseng student guidance system?? pls reply thanks .

my thesis is slytly da same with yours...but the thing is we are using vb 2008 ...and i dont have vb 2006 can u help me?

thanks dude sana marami ka pang magagawa.. nagagamit na namin ung iba sa thesis.. good job

Ur welcome dude..

pano ba ito ma e run ??

pls comment kung paano..

mga reports are recapitulation,journal,general ledger,and trial balance

Hindi ko pa nakikita ang system na ginawa mo at masubukan. Pero interesado ako,,anong language ang gamit mo? PHP ba? sana nga....para updated ang system namin....ask permission kung pwedi ma download at ma-edit....for capstone namin...

I'm proposing Guidance office Information System in my school...
and I'm using java as my platform.... I'm not really familiar with Visual Basic... So is there anyone here familiar with Java? especially netbeans and sql as database?

hi can i know the exact process of your system and how it works...and the documentation if available...thank you

bakit wala po ung application after ko po na download?


can i have the system design and specs. of your system?

pwede po ba malaman ung modules nyu.. kasi ung system nyu po nilagay namin sa related studies namin please, reply asap...

Sir hindi ba to gumgana sa Visual Studio Ultimate


bakit po ganun? nadownload ko na po siya pero ayaw niya maextract winrar po gamit ko

Hi sir pwede mag paturo about guidance system using java program editor is netbeans

hi, i just want to ask what website ww can go to check ur records which you were able to see ur records or grades online especially for undergraduate student. hoping for your soonest reply. thanks

hello can i ask kung meron po kayong theoretical framework for this ggamitin kopo kasing theoretical tong program nyhopo?

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